Verified 07 February 2022 - Directorate for Legal and Administrative Information (Prime Minister)

undertaking.service-public.fr is a service-public.fr website for entrepreneurs. It was posted in February 2022.

The current version, fully developed in responsive design, is accessible from any medium: computer, tablet or mobile. It is part of an overall project designed to provide users with a single point of entry for information, guidance and on-line services.

Organized according to the needs of users, the site answers questions such as: "How do I set up my company?", "What are the statuses of a company?", "How do I calculate a trainee's reward?", etc.

undertaking.service-public.fr is a general service that answers, as precisely as possible, the questions that professional users ask themselves in the face of the most common situations or difficulties. Exceptions, geographical specificities (e.g. texts only applicable overseas) or special cases are usually not dealt with.

The purpose of the site is to offer an equal and first level service to all users, throughout the territory and to offer neutral, up-to-date, validated, practical and useful information. It is complementary to local websites, the websites of national bodies and those of ministries that can deal with more specific topics.

The site informs and guides users through various sections such as:

  • Your rights and procedures: practice sheets and additional information to know and understand its rights and obligations and to carry out administrative procedures.
  • Online services and forms: access to all teleprocedures, forms, document templates and simulators offered by the administration.

Entrepreneur.service-public.fr's mission is to ensure that information and administrative services are accessible to everyone and everywhere: Internet or non-Internet user, from Entrepreneur.service-public.fr or a partner site, at its counter or by calling 3939...

Thus, the information produced for undertaking.service-public.fr is accessible through different channels and can be reused on other sites:

In order to ensure that the information published on the site is accessible to all, and especially to disabled people, Entreprise.service-public.fr is developed to meet as closely as possible the accessibility criteria established by the General Repository for Accessibility for Administrations (GGRA). See Accessibility page: https://entreprendre.service-public.fr/P10152

  • Order No. 2005-1516 of 8 December 2005 on electronic exchanges between users and administrative authorities and between administrative authorities.
  • Decree No. 2016-186 of 24 February 2016 amending Decree No. 2009-730 of 18 June 2009 on online accessible storage space pursuant to Article 7 of Ordinance No. 2005-1516 of 8 December 2005 on electronic exchanges between users and administrative authorities and between administrative authorities.
  • Order of 24 February 2016 integrating into the ‘service-public.fr’ website an online service enabling the user to complete all or part of the paperless administrative procedures and to have access to personalized information services.