Verified 07 February 2022 - Directorate for Legal and Administrative Information (Prime Minister)

Quick Access Menu

When browsing the keyboard, a menu that allows quick access to the main areas of the pages (content, search, navigation) appears first.

Main Navigation Menu

  • Life stages
  • Themes
  • Approaches and tools
  • Administration Directory


Below the main menu is the logo for returning to the section home page.

Search Engine

It allows searches to be made on the whole site.

Breadcrumb yarn

On all internal pages of the site, a breadcrumb, displayed under the search engine, allows you to locate yourself in the site tree and go back in the tree to the home page.

Footer Menu

The footer menu provides access to additional pages grouped under the following headings:

  • Mission
  • Open data availability
  • You're a journalist
  • Help
  • Contact

In parallel to the aids available directly on the site, it has been designed to give your browser the opportunity to take full advantage of its own features.

Enlarge character size

On all pages of the site, you have the possibility to enlarge the size of the characters.

  • On PC: Use the Ctrl + + key combination to enlarge the size of the characters. The Ctrl + - key combination reduces the size of characters. Pressing these keys one at a time increases or decreases the size of the characters in steps. Also note that the Ctrl + 0 key combination (the number zero) allows you to return to the default text size.
  • On Mac: Simply replace the Ctrl key with the Cmd key in the combinations announced above to perform the same actions.

Keyboard navigation

The site has been designed to allow keyboard navigation on all pages. In most cases, you only need to use the Tab key on your keyboard to navigate from one clickable item to another clickable item on the page. Conversely, if you want to move backwards, use the Shift + Tab key combination.


Keyboard users, you have the option to print any page of the site by going to the desired page and then simultaneously pressing the Ctrl+P keys of your keyboard if you are on PC or Cmd+P if you are on Mac. Content pages also have a link to trigger printing directly from the pages