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Extension of the support plan for companies in difficulty

Publié le 06 janvier 2023 - Mise à jour le 17 janvier 2024 - Directorate for Legal and Administrative Information (Prime Minister)

The support plan for companies in difficulty is extended in order to offer solutions adapted to companies in need.

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Against the backdrop of inflation and rising energy costs, the Ministries of Economy and Justice have decided to extend aid to companies facing difficulties during the recovery from the health crisis. The aim is to offer each company a solution adapted to their situation.

Extension of the accompanying plan

This plan, originally called the company Recovery Plan, was put in place in June 2021 to help companies impacted by the health crisis and identify their challenges.

Initially scheduled to end on June 30, 2022, this assistance is finally being extended due to the war in Ukraine.

Indeed, the economic consequences of this conflict are many for companies: inflation, rising commodity prices, cash flow problems...

Against this background, the Ministries of Economy and Justice decided to keep this aid adapted and accessible for companies in difficulty in order to gradually return to a normal framework for financing companies.

The content of this help

This company support plan works at local level with companies in financial difficulty. It provides support in exchanges with creditors so that the repayment of loans, the payment of taxes or company contributions can be adjusted. This aid mobilizes all public partners (URSSAF, Banque de France, CCI France ...) and private partners (professional federation of companies ...).

In each department, an adviser for companies in difficulty is present to help companies in need. There is, therefore, a list of departmental advisors.

Its role is to offer a solution adapted and operational to the company. The county councilor has various means of action to support the company, he can:

  • A government loan.
  • Adjustment of the company's social and fiscal debts.
  • To rely on the services of credit mediation of the Banque de France or company mediation.
  • To steer the company towards the new crisis resolution procedures implemented by the commercial courts (example: the post-crisis treatment procedure).

The departmental advisor for companies in difficulty carries out his activity in complete confidentiality and in the respect for business and tax secrecy.


A unique number (0806,000,245) has been set up to inform companies in financial difficulty about the aid available to them and to refer them to a departmental advisor for companies in difficulty.