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Welcome a second student and propose an internship offer on “1jeune1solution”!

Publié le 12 mars 2024 - Mise à jour le 13 mai 2024 - Directorate for Legal and Administrative Information (Prime Minister)

Do you want to introduce your trades to the youngest? It is possible to place on the platform “1jeune1solution” an offer of observation period for second general and technological students. This mandatory internship must take place between June 17 and 28, 2024 inclusive.

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The observation period for second-graders is a novelty. Its purpose is to put the student in direct contact with the professional world and to make him discover trades to better orient him in the future.

This course also has advantages for your company.

Why is it good for your company?

Hosting a second-level or technological student in this job shadowing course has many advantages:

  • value your business ;
  • strengthens theappeal and the notoriety your company with young people;
  • fact discover your trades and create vocations ;
  • highlights your teams and values on your company.

One playlist video testimonials from companies explaining the value of hosting a second-grader in the company is also available.

How to recruit?

Recruiting an intern is done in several steps on “1jeune1solution”:

  1. creating your account ;
  2. submission of the tender (includes the ability to edit and duplicate)
  3. response to applications (in the “My Dashboard” tab, “Applications” column)
  4. online creation of the traineeship agreement and transmission to the school.

Please note

Student applications expire after 15 days without your response.

How is the student's welcome organized?

The student's reception conditions are set out in a traineeship agreement signed by the pupil's legal guardians (or by the pupil himself if he is of age), the head of the school and the head of the host institution.

The pupil is monitored by a tutor in the company and by a teacher at the school.

This stage called “observation sequence” can be 2 weeks within the same structure or 2 times a week in 2 different structures.

It is possible to accommodate a student, a small group of students or a classroom group in your company.


One FAQ available on the 1jeune1solution platform answers all your questions.

The Ministry of National Education also proposes a FAQs about hosting the intern.