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What are the required insurance for a company?

Verified 31 August 2020 - Directorate for Legal and Administrative Information (Prime Minister)

Insurance covers the risks of the business, its assets and its personnel. There are many types of insurance. In some cases, the company has an obligation to take out insurance. Even when it is not compulsory, it is recommended to subscribe to an insurance.

This insurance is used to compensate employees who have undergone a industrial accident, a journey accident or occupational disease..

This insurance is optional for self-employed workers (craftsmen, traders or professionals). They may choose to subscribe to a individual voluntary insurance AT/MP ..

Regulated professions are required to subscribe to professional liability insurance.

These include lawyers, doctors or accountants.

The insurance covers the company against the risks it may run during its activity.

In particular, it shall

  • insurance of the business of the undertaking (damage caused by the undertaking in the course of its business),
  • property insurance (damage to the company's property and materials, such as its buildings, inventory or computer system),
  • personal insurance (damages suffered or caused by the company's employees.

Medical liability insurance

This insurance is an obligation for:

  • liberal health professionals,
  • health facilities,
  • undertakings or associations engaged in prevention, diagnosis or care activities,
  • producers, operators and suppliers of health products.

This insurance is intended to guarantee them due to damage suffered by third parties during their professional activity.

The insurance covers employees of the health professional as long as they act within the limits of their duties, even if they perform them independently.

Construction insurance

The builder of a building is liable for 10 years for damages that affect the solidity of the structure or its object (dwelling, offices..). We're talking about decennial responsibility..

The manufacturer must subscribe to insurance to cover this liability. To open a construction site or to apply for a public contract, the builder must show proof of having taken out a ten-year liability insurance.

It is mandatory to insure a vehicle in order to be able to drive with it.

This insurance covers damage to persons or property caused by the vehicle.

The vehicle is concerned when it is terrestrial and allows the transport of goods or persons. For example, it is a car, a motorcycle, a construction equipment, but also a trailer.

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