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Annual unified social data declaration (DADS-U)

Verified 01 January 2021 - Directorate for Legal and Administrative Information (Prime Minister)

Last declaration 2023 before full transition to DSN

Published on 6 December 2022

The countryside DADSU 2023 on wages 2022 will be the last DADSU campaign. All private and public sector companies will be required to submit the NSN declaration.

The Nominal Social Declaration (DSN) replaces the annual unified social data declaration (DADS-U) in most companies. However, a number of employers must continue to complete the U-DADS.

Employers who must file an annual unified social data declaration (DADS-U) are:

  • Employers completing the Nominal Social Declaration (NSD) but employing people outside the NSD perimeter (examples: fishermen, dockers, officials on secondment to a private establishment)
  • Establishments completing the NSN that were unable to transmit complementary bodies (CBs) in the DSN


all other employers must make a registered social declaration (DSN).

In the event of delay, omission or inaccuracy of the declared data, the employer may pay a penalty equal to €55 per employee up to €750 by declaration.

If the delay exceeds 1 month, an identical penalty shall be applied for each month or fraction of a month of delay.

The DADS-U shall contain the following elements:

  • Identification of employer and employee
  • Characteristics of employment and employment contract
  • Period of employment
  • Remuneration received in the previous year
  • Contributions (and contribution bases) to cover entitlements to old-age and sickness insurance

The U-DADS must indicate one of the following 3 grounds for filing:

  1. EX: DSN-filling employer with populations excluded from the DSN scope
  2. NO: Employer not required to complete the NSD
  3. OC: employer who did not submit data from CB (complementary bodies) in the DSN

A company that has payroll software that meets the 4DS standard (electronic data interchange) "EDI") shall file the DADS-U online:

Automated reporting of unified social data (DADS-U)

An employer who does not have a payroll software must do the DADS-U on

DADSNET - DADS-U Online Statement

The DADS-U can be carried out directly with complementary health organizations such as mutual societies, insurance,Agirc-Arco: titleContent, theIrcantec: titleContent, the CNRACL: titleContent, provident societies.

At the same time as the DADS-U, the employer must send the Urssaf a summary table of contributions (TR), which must include the following information:

  • Gross earnings of all employees of the establishment paid in the previous calendar year
  • Amount of contributions due
  • Overall strength of the company as at 31 December
  • Average strength as at 31 December

The TR is pre-filled and searchable online upon registration of the last TR summary statement of social contributions (ROC).


If you do not report through the NSF, you have until January 31 of year N+1 to submit your summary table of contributions (SI) for year N.