How to find out about your retirement?

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Want to know more about your future retirement? The official Pension Info site allows you to have personalized information about your retirement, to inform yourself beforehand about the steps to be taken and about the amount of your retirement, to make a single pension request valid with all your pension funds. We're going to be more specific on that.

Most pension funds have a website where you can access your information from a personal area.

You can find the list of pension funds to which you have contributed during your career and their contact information, using the service below:

Know your pension plans

The official public website Info-Retirement is the common site to all pension plans.

This site offers a set of services that this video presents to you:

Vidéo - Retirement Info Services
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The free public Info-Retirement website allows you to build a personalized information brochure on your pension rights according to your career path and personal situation.

My retirement instructions: your brochure in a few clicks!

The Retirement Info site group also, over the course of your career, all information relating to your pension rights acquired from your different pension funds. This information is available in your

Retirement Account


To access this information, you must create a pension account.

Find in this video useful information to help you create your pension account:

Vidéo - The retirement account
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To access your personal information, create your pension account.

My Retirement Account

Your pension account allows you to consult your career record which summarizes the periods of service that are considered for your retirement and the number of quarters that you have.

This video introduces you to the online service that allows you to view your career statement and access the summary of your pension entitlements, registered by your pension funds.

Vidéo - My career and my pension rights
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You can print and download your career statement at any time.

If you find that there are anomalies in your career record or that certain periods of service have not been taken into account, you can request a correction from your retirement account. This service is available from 55 years old and only when connected to FranceConnect.

Retirement Info - Correcting my career

Pension Information Interview allows you to take stock of your past career, get simulations of your retirement and ask an expert questions.

You can get an interview from the age of 45.

To do this, you must contact (by phone, mail or e-mail) one of the pension funds to which you have contributed.

To find the contact details, you can use the following service:

Know your pension plans

As you approach retirement, you can get a estimate of your pension amount from the career information recorded by your pension funds.

You can start over as many times as you want by choosing different career and personal scenarios: expatriation, new child, company creation, etc.

This video presents you more precisely the possibilities offered by the service of simulation of the amount of your retirement:

Vidéo - My Retirement Estimate
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Access the service that allows you to estimate your pensions:

Estimate the amount of your retirement

When you have made the decision to retire, your retirement account allows you to make a single application for retirement for all pension funds with which you have pension rights.

The online pension application form is personalized and pre-filled with certain information.

You must complete it and attach the requested supporting documents scanned or photographed.

When you enter your information, you can return to the previous step at any time.

You can also save your request and return to it later. It is kept for 90 days.

You can monitor the status of your application at any time.

You have to apply for your retirement at least 6 months before the desired departure date.

Find in this video the useful information to help you make your unique pension request:

Vidéo - Request my retirement online on the Pension Info site
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Before you make your one-time retirement request online, you can create a personalized information document that will guide you through this process.

My unique retirement request: how to use it

To start your one-time pension request, use the online service:

Make your one-time retirement request

If you benefit from additional retirement savings products (individual or group contracts), the

My Retirement Savings Agreements

of your pension account allows you to view them.

You benefit if you, or perhaps one of your employers, have made voluntary contributions to one or more supplementary pension management organizations.

My Retirement Savings Accounts