Is energy performance diagnosis (EPR) mandatory for institutions receiving public service (ERP)?

Verified 23 May 2023 - Legal and Administrative Information Directorate (Prime Minister)

Owning or managing a public service facility (ERP) and wondering if you have an obligation to complete and post an energy performance diagnostic (EPD)?

For which ERP category is the EPD to be performed? Are there exceptions? Are you at risk of sanctions if you don't? We are taking stock of the regulations.

One DPE must be performed for the following ERPs:

  • Building of more than 250 m², occupied by the services of a public authority or a public establishment, which hosts a 1st to 4th Category ERP
  • Building of more than 500 m², subject to an EPR in the context of construction, sale or rental, which hosts an ERP of the 1re at 4e category


The following buildings are not affected by this obligation:

  • Buildings or parts of residential buildings intended for use less than 4 months of the year
  • Buildings or parts of buildings for agricultural, craft or industrial use, where the heating or cooling system or the production of hot water produces a small amount of energy
  • Provisional construction planned for a period of use of less than 2 years
  • Buildings independent of a floor area less than 50 m²
  • Historical monuments
  • Buildings serving as places of worship
  • Buildings which are not heated or for which the only fixed heating equipment is open fire, and which do not have a space cooling device

Yes, you must display the valid EAD in the lobby, near the main entrance or the building's front desk.

The display must be legible and in color.

In case of violations and breaches of the posting obligation, the mayor or the prefect may send you a formal notice to comply with it within a period that he determines.

If you do not display the EAD within the specified time, you may be fined up to €1,500.

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