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Publishing in a JAL: how?

Verified 01 January 2022 - Directorate of Legal and Administrative Information (Prime Minister), Ministry of Justice

Publication in a legal advertisement journal (JAL) is mandatory for businesses when they make their creation, modification or liquidation. It must be carried out in a JAL authorised in the department of the company's head office.

All companies under business must publish a legal advertisement in an authorised journal to report all events in their company life.

Artisans and traders who exercise individual business status are not covered by this obligation.

Example :

ISIS, EIRL, self-entrepreneurs, associations and economic interest groups are not affected by this obligation.

The publication of administrative procedures must be carried out in JAL authorised in the department where the head office of the company or the domicile of the individual is located, at the choice of the parties.

The choice of the journal belongs to the parties. However, all court announcements related to the same case must be placed in the same journal.

Commercial businesses must publish the advertisements for the registered acts at RCS: titleContent (sales and disposals, registration and establishment of establishments, alterations and cancellations of natural or legal persons registered in the SCR, collective proceedings):

  • or Bodacc: titleContent,
  • in a JAL.

Failure to comply with the disclosure formalities may result in the invalidity of the acts.

At the time of publication, the log provides the declarant with a publication certificate or a copy of the log, which is necessary to prove the publication and for further steps (including a request to amend the SCR).

Each year, newspapers must be authorised, by prefectural decree (or by the State representative), to publish legal and judicial announcements in each department.

Search for journals that can publish legal ads by department

All the advertisements published in the journals entitled to receive legal advertisements relating to businesses and commercial funds, can be consulted in a central digital database: the company Legal Advertising Portal (PPLE).

Advertisements published by the authorised newspapers must be transmitted as soon as they are published to the PPLE, in a version identical to that published, in order to be posted in the 7 days.

Each online listing includes:

  • all entries in the advertisement published in the authorised journal,
  • the name of this journal and the date of publication in this journal

Anyone who needs a copy of an advertisement in its printed format must apply directly to the publisher of the legal advertisement journal, at the applicant's expense.

Since 2021, the rates for the announcement of business are no longer set to the line, depending on the number of lines written in an advertisement.

They are fixed by packages.


for the announcement of an amendment or winding-up (or dissolution), the tariff remains fixed according to the number of lines drawn.

Legal Advertisement Publishing Flat Rates by Zone and business Status

Business Status

General case

Reunion and Mayotte

Single-person simplified share business (UAS)



Simplified Share business (SAS)



Limited Liability Single company (EURL)



Limited business



Real Estate business (ICS)



Civil business (liberal SEL, agricultural EARL, etc.)



Anonymous business (SA)



Collective business (CNS)



Please note

the single sponsorship businesses and the share sponsorship businesses continue to pay a rate based on the number of lines written.

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