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Taking over a company It is not just about economic and financial issues. This operation also depends of human elements. It must be done in a way that is consistent with your motivations, skills and lifestyle.

The choice of recovery over company creation is accompanied by benefits and disadvantages.

Benefits of Recovery

The desire to undertake without starting from zero may be justified for several reasons:

  • Security : You get a better view of what needs to be improved or removed in the company, development prospects, etc.
  • Faster development : you benefit from a proven concept, an operational organization, trained staff and an acquired clientele.
  • Easier bank financing : In general, bankers are more inclined to finance a concrete project. They will be able to build on the company's last 3 exercises.

Please note

More often than not, the resumption of a company also provides income from your first year of operation.

Disadvantages of Recovery

On the other hand, the taking over of an existing company may present certain disadvantages :

  • The cost : getting a loan is easier, but the personal contribution is also more important.
  • The rarity : there is strong competition between buyers, it can be difficult to find the right deal.
  • Expected skills : you must be operational as soon as you take up your duties, you do not have the time necessary for your adaptation.
  • The framework of the activity : you will be limited in your development by a pre-existing base (initial activity, ongoing projects, staff already recruited).

Taking back a company requires you to be all the more vigilant, you will need to check all the information provided by the seller.

Personal assessment is the first step in the process that will lead you to a company recovery. It consists of global reflection about your project, your deep motivations and your short- and long-term goals.

This reflection should lead you to ask yourself the following questions:

  • Your motivations : What attracts you to take over a company? The desire to change your professional life, the desire to manage a team, a need for independence, a financial opportunity, etc.
  • Your professional experiences and skills : are you qualified to take over a company? Can you take training to upgrade?
  • Your financial means : what personal funds and external financing can you mobilize?
  • Your personal constraints : what would be the impact of recovery on your family and loved ones?
  • Your goals : do you want to take over a business in a gradual way, why not with a period of management leasing ? Are you planning to quickly acquire the majority of management of a business? Do you prefer to ensure the sustainability of a family company and pass it on to your children later?

The search for company type is the logical continuation of your personal review. This search implies that you have defined the main axes of your project.

Selection criteria

Your research can be based on following criteria :

  • Industry sector
  • Location of the company
  • Company size (turnover and staff)
  • Disposal Price Range
  • Development prospects

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Types of company

Your project may be focused on taking over one of the following companies:

  • family company : prudent and prudent management with more direct and trust-based social relations
  • Start-up : An ambitious project that gives you more flexibility to choose the development axes
  • Company in difficulty : a riskier operation, but one that costs less to buy
  • Company of which you are an employee : you are familiar with the company and have the support of your former employer before and after the transfer

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