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Gain visibility for to make known his company involves developing both physical and digital presence. To achieve this goal, several approaches are recommended.

At present, close to 90% consumers check the internet before making a purchase.

Whether or not you sell products or services online, the creation of a website is a key way to gain visibility and grow your business.

A site that inspires confidence

The website is the virtual showcase of your activity. It allows you to highlight your products or services (with photos and descriptions) and present them to a wide audience.

You are the master of your communication : you can fully customize the graphic appearance, content, ergonomics and features to convey a positive image company.

By adding a space dedicated to customer reviews, team introductions (Who are we?) or answers to frequently asked questions (Frequently Asked Questions), you engage consumers to trust you.


the website is also a great way to expand your database and refine your customer profile.

You collect information about users who visit your site (age, gender, device, connection time) that you can then analyze with software.

A site that needs to be referenced

Creating the site alone is not enough.

To ensure regular traffic on your website and thus increase the visibility of the company, you must be promoted by search engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo).


91.5% of Google users do not go beyond the first page of search results and 75% clicks are drained by Top 3 results page.

It is therefore crucial to be well placed in natural outcomes.

The natural referencing or SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is about improving aspects techniques (loading speed, mobile accounting) and editorial (presence of keywords) of your website.

This approach makes it possible to obtain an advantageous positioning on the search results page and thus increase the traffic on your site.


not to be confused with the SEA (Search Engine Advertising) which refers to advertisements promoted by search engines for company remuneration. This is Google's main business model.

Example :

If your company specializes in coffee sales, your goal is to appear in the results when the consumer uses keywords such as “organic coffee” “arabica coffee” or “high-end ground coffee” in the search bar, etc.

An effective way to improve your SEO is to create a space “ blog ”.

This blog will have the vocation to host content, most often articles, related to your industry and your products.

Quality content that offers real added value is able to convert the player and push them to purchase.

The idea is to highlight your know-how, position yourself as an expert to Google and to consumers.

This will burn the search results together with you build credibility.


France Num explains how to reference your website through a effective content strategy.

Social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn,...) are ubiquitous and constitute a unavoidable means of communication for companies.

They increase your visibility, generate traffic, create proximity with customers, and even federate a community around your brand.

However, communicating on social networks requires a tailored strategy. You need to know your target audience: their habits, the social media they use, and why.

More specifically, we are talking about the persona marketing which is a true picture of your ideal customer.

By accurately defining your target's expectations and needs, you'll know how to communicate with them.

Which social networks should I focus on?

All social networks have their own specificities that it is important to take into account.

You should choose the one that best matches the identity of your company and customer base.


Facebook is the first social network.

All age groups are represented, it is essential to inform the universe of your existence.

To broaden your awareness, choose content general and friendly, your publications must be accessible to everyone.


Twitter is the information flow network par excellence, there is a lot of interactivity because information is shared in real time.

This network is intended to share company news, press relations and customer management.


LinkedIn is the social network dedicated to industrial relations. It allows you to get in touch with other professionals and keep up to date with the activity in your sector.

On this network, develop your employer brand and share your most advanced expert opinions.

The average age of the users is 35 years.


Instagram is the network for sharing visual content (photo and video).

It allows you to showcase your products, stage your activity and bring a more personal touch by telling the company's daily life.

Used on mobile phones, mostly by under 45s, this network has a real impact on user engagement.

How do you do that?

To achieve effective communication on social networks, your company must stand out and take advantage of the communication tools at its disposal (photo, video, infographics, articles...).

It is necessary topopulate your page regularly (at least 3 times a week).

Designing an editorial calendar to plan your publications is a good way to meet this requirement.

You have to bet on a quality content, rich, varied and unique, capable of attracting the interest of Internet users and encouraging them to share: original presentation of products, tutorials, behind the scenes visits and news of the company, etc.

Social networks offer you the opportunity tointeract with your subscribers organizing online events (books, webinars) and soliciting them through online questionnaires.

Arrange a competition is also a great opportunity to showcase your brand and products with a minimal promotional budget.

To increase your visibility on networks, it is also important that your profile sharing and like other pages related to your business.

Google Business Profile, formerly known as “ Google My Business is a free tool for increase online visibility on your company.

Why create a Google Business Profile?

Creating a Google Business Profile includes several advantages :

  • Search engine optimization on Google : when a user is physically close to your company and is looking for a generic term such as " restaurant ' or ' plumber ”, your record may appear in Google search results, among similar companies locally. Then, users can quickly access the company's contact information (address, phone, times, website) and make a direct route to your establishment using Google Maps.
  • Online reputation management : the establishment card allows you to regularly collect notes and opinions from clients. You can interact with them and answer their questions. The top-rated establishments are more likely to gain the trust of Internet users who may come to buy their products/services in-store.
  • Highlighting the company's timeliness : you can post news, special offers, events and other information related to the company's activity, in the manner of a social network, directly on your page. It is possible to include text, a photo or a call to action (e.g. a button “ request a quote ") to increase the attractiveness of your institution.
  • Access to statistics : you can monitor specific interactions with your record. What queries have users entered to find your establishment, how many users have viewed your profile and how many of them have requested an itinerary to your establishment?

How to create a Google Business Profile?

To create a Google Business Profile card, you must follow the next steps :

  1. Go to the website of Google Business Profile, and click Manage
  2. Sign in to your Google work account on your computer (create an account if you don't have one)
  3. Fill in the essential information of your establishment (name, category of activity, telephone number, opening hours, URL of your website...)
  4. Click Finish
  5. Select a validation method (sms, email, video, postcard...) to confirm that the company belongs to you.

After validation, it can take weeks for the establishment card to appear on Google.

Please note

Even if your company doesn't have a physical location, you can have a Google card as long as you are in direct contact with customers (e.g. the plumber who only practices in his or her customers' home).

What information should be included in the fiche?

An optimized establishment record shall include the following information :

  • Postal address
  • Phone number
  • Opening and closing times
  • Website URL and/or social networks
  • Photos/videos of the property (indoor and outdoor)
  • List of products/services offered
  • Characteristic of the establishment (e.g. terrace, Wi-Fi connection).

The more complete the card, the more likely Internet users are to trust your establishment.

Whatever the field of activity, the most obvious way to promote its company is without a doubt to use advertising.

Your ad should identify the main benefits of your company and why customers should look to you instead of a competitor.

The message must be simple, concise and impactful.

The use of testimonies can also strengthen the credibility of the company.


denigrating competitors and misleading advertising are prohibited. You would risk a subpoena in unfair competition. Comparative advertising is also regulated.

An effective communication operation relies on a accurate portrayal of your customers, which defines precisely its behavior, expectations and needs.

You must gather as much information as possible: sex, age, income, leisure, consumption habits, values, media consumed, etc.

Digital advertising

The online advertising has the advantage of being able to address a specific market at a cost that is strictly lower than that of traditional media (mail, magazine, television).

In addition to your website, you have the possibility to use social networks to deliver your ad. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or YouTube allow you to distribute sponsored content in dedicated paid inserts.

Thanks to their algorithm retargeting (ad retargeting), you can target internet users who have already had an interaction with your brand or similar product. This strategy ensures a good return on your investment.

The effectiveness of advertising is further enhanced by the influence marketing, that is, soliciting influencers to showcase your product.

Physical Advertising

From a flyer to a temporary facility, physical advertising can make all the difference, especially at the local level. It is a good way to get back to your store and/or website.

  • One temporary installation with a display, allowing the consumer to test the product directly on site, is a great way to switch it to purchase.
  • The flyers are perfect for reporting an event: opening a store, open house or promotions on your products.
  • The brochures and leaflets contain more information, they are recommended for companies who have many services to present.
  • The promotional posters enable creative advertising. They can be stuck in places of great passage or in places that your target customers frequent. A well-made promotional poster can really to mark the minds.

Considered the oldest marketing strategy, the word of mouth is one of the best ways to get your company out there and to reach new customers.

Its potential has multiplied further with the arrival of new digital channels.

This method is based on the recommendation from your converted customers with their entourage.

It gives you additional credibility and facilitates the dissemination of your brand image.

The best way to generate spontaneous word of mouth is to market a quality and successful product or service.

This word of mouth can be encouraged by offering a sponsorship offer which will allow customers who recommend you to benefit from certain advantages to each new customer acquired (voucher, exclusive product). You can also conduct a coupon campaign by distributing promotional codes.


the pyramidal systems so-called “snowball sales” based on the recruitment of new sellers by the customers themselves in exchange for consideration are prohibited.

The clients won over by your project can even be built in brand ambassadors.

These are customers who engage in the company's business by interacting with you on social media, sending customer reviews and promoting your products and services to other consumers.

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