Declaration of Intent to Dispose of Farm Property (Form)

National Federation of Land Management and Rural Settlement Businesses (Safer)

Any plans to transfer agricultural property, including exemption cases, must be notified to the business for Land Management and Rural Establishment (Safer) at least 2 months before the transfer.

The owner's notary must send Safer a declaration of intention to dispose of:

  • by registered letter with acknowledgement of receipt
  • or by an act of bailiff specifying the nature and location of the goods, the names and qualities of the purchaser and the seller, and the selling price.

The notary must also inform:

  • the municipality of the municipality where the land of his intention to sell is located
  • and the Safer of the existence of the municipality's priority right of pre-emption.

Safer must inform the mayor of plans to sell property located in the territory of its municipality.


any sale of an agricultural fund made without prior notice from Safer may be canceled with damages payable.

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Verified 24 July 2018 - Directorate for Legal and Administrative Information (Prime Minister)

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