Postponement of the opening of the Prevention Passport to 2025 for employers

Publié le 02 avril 2024 - Directorate for Legal and Administrative Information (Prime Minister)

The Prevention Passport, which has been open to jobseekers and employees since 2023, will also be open to employers and training organizations as of 2025. This passport lists employees' occupational health and safety achievements.

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On the model of the training passport which provides information on the employee's training, diplomas and professional experience, the Health Act of 2 August 2021 created a Prevention Passport.

This passport groups the certificates and diplomas obtained by the jobseeker and the employee on health and safety at work.

The declaration of these powers shall be made on the beta version of the prevention passport by the jobseeker and the employee since May 30, 2023, date of opening of the passport.

Originally planned for 2024, the Passport will be made available to employers and training organizations from 2025.

They will therefore also be able to declare the training and qualifications obtained by the employee.

In addition, the employer will be able to consult the employee's prevention passport, if the latter authorizes it, for the purposes of monitoring health and safety training obligations.

Please note

The training shall be declared by the entity which initiated it.