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Painful: evolution of the prevention professional account and creation of the fund in the prevention of professional wear and tear

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Every year, the employer assesses the exposure of its employees to hardship. As such, at 1er September 2023 the employee's recourse to the prevention business account (C2P) will be facilitated and a fund will enable employers to finance actions to prevent occupational risk factors.

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Increase in the number of points earned on a prevention business account

From 1er September 2023, the framework of the Preventive Professional Account (C2P) is evolving in order to facilitate its recourse for the employee.

Thus, many provisions improve this arrangement:

  • lowering the threshold for the risk factor ‘night work’ from 120 to 100 nights per year;
  • lowering of the threshold associated with the factor ‘Working in alternating shifts’ from 50 to 30 nights per year;
  • the number of points earned by an employee on C2P is now equal to 4 times the number of occupational risk factors to which he is exposed (previously capped at 8 when the employee was exposed to several risk factors);
  • 1 point of C2P now allows the employee to contribute 500 euros to his personal training account (compared to 375 euros, before 1er September 2023);
  • 10 C2P points allow for a part-time shift with maintenance of salary over 4 months (instead of 3 months previously);
  • end of the capping of the total number of C2P points (until now it could not exceed 100 points during the employee's professional career).

Creation of the Fund for the Prevention of Occupational Attrition

In order to strengthen prevention against occupational risk factors such as technical vibrations, arduous postures (forced joint positions) and heavy lifting, the Fund for the Prevention of Occupational Wear and Tear is created. It also aims to contribute to the preservation of the health at work of employees.

This fund, with a budget of EUR 1 billion over five years, will help employers finance actions:

  • of awareness-raising and prevention ;
  • of training (this includes training eligible for the personal training account);
  • of conversion and prevention of occupational disintegration for employees ‘particularly exposed’ to occupational risk factors.

Thus, the Fund for the Prevention of Occupational Attrition will be able to subsidize, in particular, companies eligible for the prevention programs of the National Health Insurance Fund in order to reduce exposure to occupational risks.