Public procurement

Public order: new formalized procedure thresholds as of 1 January 2024

Publié le 28 novembre 2023 - Mise à jour le 08 décembre 2023 - Legal and Administrative Information Directorate (Prime Minister)

At 1er January 2024, the formal procurement procedure thresholds are evolving. They will apply for the years 2024 and 2025.

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As a reminder, the procedure implemented depends on the estimated value of the public contract and the function of the public body with which the contract is awarded.

Where the value of the contract is greater than or equal to the European thresholds, the procedure referred to as formalized is applied.

These thresholds evolve at 1er January 2024. They are revised every two years to take account of monetary developments in the signatory states.

The following are the thresholds published in Official Journal of the European Union applicable for the period 2024-2025

Tableau - European Thresholds for a Formalized Procedure applicable on 1 January 2024

Type of contract

HT Thresholds 2024-2025

HT Thresholds 2022-23

Supply and service contracts awarded by central public authorities



Supply and service contracts awarded by a local authority, establishment, local group or other purchaser



Procurement by a contracting entity operating in the water, energy, transport and postal services sectors



Works contracts and concession contracts



Please note

The ‘sausage’ of public contracts is prohibited. This practice consists in passing several small-value procedures one after the other in order to remain below the thresholds for formalized procedures.