Authorization and approval to register vehicles: how to obtain them?

Verified 16 February 2022 - Directorate of Legal and Administrative Information (Prime Minister), Ministry of the Interior

Entitlement is a permission to access the vehicle registration system (VRS). Carte grise This site allows to carry out the registration and obtaining of the procedure on behalf of an individual.

Clearance is only issued to automotive professionals and to renters by the prefect of the department of the company's head office.

The approval permits the collection of taxes and fees related to registration on behalf of the public treasury. It shall be granted to automotive professionals and to renters. It allows funds to be returned to the public treasury either by direct debit or by bank payment.


to be approved, you must be authorized. However, it is possible to be authorized without being approved.

Car professionals and car rental agencies must apply for their authorization and/or authorization using a teleprocedure.

The application for authorization may be applied for at the same time as the application for authorization or later.

Application for authorization and authorization to the SIV by professionals in the motor vehicle industry

Once the application is entered, a number will be assigned.

You should then contact the prefecture of the department of the company's headquarters to:

  • Obtain list of supporting documents to be provided
  • Know how to sign the authorization and/or approval agreement
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