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Professional: what payment can he refuse (cash, check, credit card)?

Verified 24 June 2021 - Directorate for Legal and Administrative Information (Prime Minister)

A merchant, craftsman or any other professional has the right to refuse payment by check or credit card. To do this, it must indicate this by means of a display. On the other hand, he must always accept payment in cash, except under certain conditions.

A trader, craftsman or any other professional has the right to refuse payment by check or by credit card.

He must report to customers by a display visible in store or write a mention on a quote.

What conditions can it impose?
For species

A trader may require the following:

  • Make up
  • A number of coins of less than 50 coins
  • Banknotes and coins in good condition
  • Currency in euro

Please note

it's at back-up customer if the trader no longer has money, and not the trader.

A trader may refuse coins or notes that appear to him to be counterfeit.

For a check

The trader may require the customer to submit a identity document (national identity card, driving license or passport).

For credit card

The trader may require a minimum amount.

The Regulation contactless by credit card is fixed at one maximum amount of€50.

Please note

signature on the receipt is required in case of purchase greater than €1,500.

General case

A professional has the obligation to accept the cash payment.

Please note

these are payments in euros, but some shops can accept foreign currencies (a shop duty-free for example).

Maximum amount accepted

The maximum amount accepted is €1,000.

If the customer is a tourist resident abroad for tax purposes, the maximum amount is €15,000.


for more than €1,000, the trader must refuse cash and request payment by credit card or check.

Covid-19 outbreak

The epidemic of COVID-19does not allow the trader to refuse cash under the pretext of a risk of contamination.

The merchant only has the right to demand from the customer the following 3 conditions:

  • Make up
  • Pay at a reserved or automatic till
  • Place coins and notes on the counter rather than putting them back in your hand

The client who encounters this refusal can report it either to the Defender of Rights or to the Regional Directorate for the Protection of Populations.

Who shall I contact

Please note

a trader who refuses a cash payment risks a fine of €150.

Taxi driver, VTC

The taxi driver or the VTC is obliged to accept 2 types of payment:

  • In cash
  • By credit card
Certified Management Center (CGA) Affiliated Professional

The profession affiliated to a CGA is obliged to accept at least one of the following 2 types of payment:

  • Credit card
  • Check

An employer has an obligation to pay the salary of an employee by check or bank transfer if the amount is more than €1,500 net per month.

If the salary is less than this amount, the employee can ask to be paid in cash.

Please note

this obligation does not apply to individual employers.

Less than €300

If your tax is less than or equal to €300, you can pay in cash at a licensed dealer.

Make sure your review includes a "QR code" and the words "payable to a dealer".


any other means of payment is accepted (online, transfer, direct debit, check).

For any questions, you can make an appointment with the company Tax Service (SIE).

Making an appointment with the company Tax Office: Instructions for Use

More than 300 €

You must pay online with the online business tax account.

Online tax account for professionals (EFI mode)

Please note

you can also pay by check, wire transfer, direct debit or by Tip: titleContent.

Any settlement in cash between professionals for the purchase of metals is forbidden.

They are ferrous metals (iron, steel, cast iron in particular) or non-ferrous metals (aluminum, silver, bronze, copper, tin, gold, lead, zinc in particular), whatever the amount.

The trader must pay by one of the Next 3 ways :

  • Checks with Strikethrough
  • Bank transfer
  • Credit card