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How do I calculate a tax-free price from an all-inclusive price?

Verified 21 July 2020 - Directorate for Legal and Administrative Information (Prime Minister)

To obtain a tax-free price (excluding tax) from an all-inclusive price (including tax), the following formula is used:

Price HT = Price TTC ÷ (1 + VAT rate)

To express the HT price with 2 digits after the decimal point, it must be rounded to the next cent if the 3e The digit after the decimal point is equal to or greater than 5. And round it to the lower centime if 3e The digit after the decimal point is less than 5. For example, the VAT price of 41,669 € is rounded to 41,67 €.

Price calculator excluding tax (excluding tax) or all taxes included (including tax)

Example of calculating the HT price using the following calculation formula

VAT rate

Calculation for an inclusive price of €50

HT Price










2,10 %




50*100/(100 +8.5)


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