How do I get a certificate of vigilance?

Verified 27 October 2023 - Legal and Administrative Information Directorate (Prime Minister)

The attestation of vigilance enables a company to prove to its principal that it is up to date with its social obligations. It is issued by the Urssaf and must be presented for any contract of an amount equal to or greater than €5,000 excluding taxes.

The certificate of vigilance is a document issued by the Urssaf which certifies that a company is in good standing with regard to his social obligations. In other words, this document certifies that it is up to date with its declarations, and with its payments of social contributions and contributions.

This document must be forwarded by any company to the person ordering it when the contract is concluded, i.e. on the date of signature. The application must be renewed every six months until completion of the contract.

When the company employs employees, the certificate shall also indicate the number of employees and the total amount of remuneration declared on the last summary of Urssaf contributions.

This attestation of vigilance must be presented by any company to its originator when concluding a contract of an amount equal to or greater than €5,000 excluding taxes.

The contracts concerned by the certificate of vigilance are as follows:

  • Contracts for the performance of work
  • Contracts for the provision of a service (material, intellectual or artistic)
  • Production, manufacturing, processing contracts
  • Repair, construction, supply, sale contracts
  • Agricultural works contracts
  • Contract for transport, industrial subcontracting or works

It has to be requested every 6 months until completion of the contract.

Please note

The amount of €5,000 excluding taxes is the total amount of the service. It doesn't matter if it's subject to multiple lower payments or billings.

The certificate of vigilance is issued by the Urssaf if the company which declared its income from activity is in one of the following situations:

  • She paid her contributions on the date they were due
  • She signed up for a clearance plan assessments and contributions and it is following that plan
  • It has paid its contributions and contributions, but is not up to date in the payment of surcharges and penalties.
  • It did not pay its contributions but disputes the amount by legal action


A company that is subject to a verdict for concealed work transmitted to the public prosecutor cannot obtain the certificate of vigilance. If, on the other hand, she pays the corresponding contributions and contributions for this concealed work, the certificate can be issued.

The attestation of vigilance is issued only on the Internet.

The certificate shall be issued via the Internet at one of the following sites:

Create your Urssaf account online

Please note

When the company starts its activity, the Urssaf does not issue a certificate of vigilance but only a provisional certificate. All the formalities of creation (registration, application for authorizations or approvals, etc.) must have been completed