Company Creation: Are you designed to build and manage a company?

Verified 22 November 2022 - Directorate for Legal and Administrative Information (Prime Minister)

Before starting your project, you need to take stock of your abilities to create and manage a company. The creation is very motivating but you'll need hold for the long term. The difficulties and the risk management are inseparable from entrepreneurship. We help you better master them and list your strengths.

It is important to know about what assets you're going to be able to lean on it.

We invite you first to make the elaborate tests by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

They are specifically intended for future entrepreneurs.

They help you to know-how if you are loan to get started:

Chamber of Commerce and Industry's entrepreneurial test "Character traits"

Chamber of Commerce and Industry entrepreneurial test "Determination and motivation"

Chamber of Commerce and Industry Entrepreneurial Test "Resources and Skills"

Keeping motivation in the face of difficulties

The difficulties are inherent in theentrepreneurial adventure.

Your motivation should be on the long-term and don't just focus on your beginnings.

You can control the risks.

The key to a maid risk management lies in their identification and anticipation.

The Chambers of Commerce and Industry offer a guide to mitigating these risks.

Conduct training

Managing a company cannot be improvised without a minimum of skills and reflection.

There is a lot of entrepreneurship training.

We suggest the following:

Don't stand alone, talk about your project

Be rigorous

Managing a company requires you to be organized.

You can learn how to management and to the accounting. This is a very important asset for ensure your success.

The dashboards and tracking your activity will benefit from being updated with regularity.

Protecting those around you

  • Talk to family and friends about the future pace of work: weekends and evenings, no time off for a while
  • Ensuring the support of the person you live with
  • Protecting the person with whom one lives and his family from financial problems linked to company

Example :

Notably thanks to the matrimonial regime, at marriage contract and at the choice of legal status of your company which will have to be adapted to your situation.

Managing Stressful Times

Especially in the early stages, young entrepreneurs are often very busy.

You won't count your hours, even at nights and weekends.

Better organize your schedule in advance with moments of rest or decompression to keep your balance.

Surround yourself with a team

You may not be able to manage all aspects of your business, not on your own, and it will also depend on the periods.

It may then be advisable to take the services of a accountant or a legal adviser.

You may also just want to share your adventure in drawing on the skills of a partner oran employee.

It's a choice that may prove to be profitable or very useful.


Afterwards, you will need to:

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