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Company Creation: Are you designed to create and manage a company?

Verified 22 November 2022 - Directorate for Legal and Administrative Information (Prime Minister)

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Before you build your project, you need to take stock of your capabilities to create and manage a company. Creation is very motivating but you will hold for long term. Difficulties and risk management are inseparable from entrepreneurship. We help you better master them and list your strengths.

It's important to know about what assets you will be able to support yourself.

We invite you to do the tests by Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

They are specifically intended for future entrepreneurs.

They help you know if you loan start:

Entrepreneurial test of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry "Traits of Character"

Entrepreneurial test of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry "Determination and motivation"

Entrepreneurial test of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry "Resources and Skills"

Keeping motivated in the face of difficulties

The difficulties are inherent inentrepreneurial venture.

Your motivation should be based on long and not just focus on your beginnings.

You can control the risks.

The Key to a Good risk management lies in their identification and in anticipation.

The chambers of commerce and industry offer you a guide to reducing these risks.


Managing a company does not happen without a minimum of skills and reflection.

There are many training courses in entrepreneurship.

We suggest the following:

Don't stay alone, talk about your project

Design BPI provides a search tool for find support depending on your activity, the progress of your idea and your region:

Find a suitable accompaniment for creating your company

Be rigourous

Managing a company requires you to be organised.

You can learn how to management and accounting. This is a very important asset for ensure success.

The dashboards and tracking your activity win will be updated with regularity.

Protect your environment

  • Discuss with your family the future rhythm of work: on weekends and in the evening, no leave for a certain time
  • Ensure the support of the person you live with
  • Protect the person you live with and your family from company-related financial problems

Example :

Particularly thanks to matrimonial regime, marriage contract and at the choice of legal status of your company that will have to be adapted to your situation.

Managing Stress Periods

Especially in the early stages, young entrepreneurs are often very solicited.

You won't count your hours, even nights, on weekends.

Better organise your schedule in advance with moments of rest or decompression to keep your balance.

Surround yourself with a team

You may not be able to manage all aspects of your business, not on your own, and this will also depend on the periods.

It may then be advisable to take the services of a accounting or legal advisor.

You may also just want to share your adventure in building on the skills of a partner oran employee.

It's a choice that may turn out to be profitable or very useful.


You will then need to:

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