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Are you ready to become a company manager?

Verified 20 October 2021 - Legal and Administrative Information Directorate (Prime Minister)

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Before you build your project, you need to determine whether or not you are capable of being a company manager. This is to first define if you have state of mind and motivation. Second, it's about listing your abilities, your strengths and weaknesses and you improve.

It's important to define what you are character traits main.

Then you will target those that will be useful to you to succeed in undertaking.

You can use tests developed by CCI France:

Character Traits Test

Test "Determination and motivation"

Resources and skills test

These tests accompany your thinking.

They are not definitive answers without alternatives.

It is possible to find other assets at home.

You can always learn new skills.

Example :

  • If you are not organised or organised, you can choose to surround yourself with a team member who will be.
  • If you're not imaginative, you can succeed with other assets: good risk management, foresight, etc.

As an entrepreneur, you may face challenges.

These difficulties may be related to your business, your environment or your personality.

They are professional, personal, financial, family, ecological, etc.

You can master them.

The Key to a Good risk management lies in their identification and in anticipation.

CCI France proposes guide to reducing risk .

After you identify your character traits, you know what the weak points are.

Here are some ideas to minimise them:

Don't stay alone
  • Meet with entrepreneurs
  • Have some professional networks
  • Go to the lounges that are related to your future activity
  • Have your advisors accompany you CCI: titleContent in your department:

Who shall I contact

BPI Creation provides a search tool for find the accompaniment adapted to your situation :

Find support for company creation

Protect your surroundings
  • Exchange with your loved ones about your future work rhythm: work on weekends and evenings, no time off
  • Make sure you have the support of the person you live with
  • Protect the person you live with and your family from company-related financial problems (example: choice matrimonial regime, a marriage contract and legal status of your company adapted to your situation)
Manage your stress
  • Play sports to unwind
  • Meet your required sleep

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