Company creation: can your business idea succeed?

Verified 16 November 2022 - Directorate for Legal and Administrative Information (Prime Minister)

To be successful, your idea must follow certain principles. You must both follow your desires and know the constraints of the market. You need to be ready to evolve your idea as the project is built. There's 5 main rules to be respected.

It must be in agreement with your values, your personality, your desires, your life choices.

You must find meaning in it.

This is an important condition for your motivation lasts a long time and allows you to get through difficulties.

Your idea must satisfy an unsatisfied or unsatisfied need. This need must be shared by a large number of potential customers.

A customer buys a product for to satisfy a need.

These are:

  • Either to meet a need: shelter, food, learning, etc.
  • Either solve a problem: get delivered, learn remotely, maintain a garden, etc.
  • Or to indulge yourself: go on holiday, eat ice cream on the beach, etc.

CCI France provides the following analysis tool to determine if your idea is viable on the market:

Working on the needs of your future clientele: Chamber of Commerce and Industry's Canevas method:

CCI France also offers a product or service ideas guide either starting from your desires, or starting from the needs on the market.

Please note

Market research in the next stageI will give you all the answers on that.

Ask for advice and advice around you for test reactions vis-à-vis your idea.

Exchange people who have already done the same route than you.

Look for reviews from entrepreneurs who work on the same sector of the market that you.

Entrepreneurs' clubs

You can get closer to entrepreneurial clubs.

This tool allows you to access club directories :

Place des networks: directories of entrepreneurs' clubs and managers

Student Associations

You can also get closer to student associations (Essec, HEC, Supélec, X, etc.) like Junior companies.

Pépite France is an association that offers you support by student entrepreneurs.

An idea doesn't necessarily need to be innovative or innovative to succeed.

You have to find the kid “plus” which will differentiate you from competitors.

Your idea has to do a service that customers don't find elsewhere, not in the same way.

Please note

Market research (in thenext step) will help you target what your competitors.

You must also check that someone hasn't already had the same idea as you.

An idea cannot be protected.

It must be materialized in an object for to be entitled to protection.

You need to look if a patent of invention has not already been tabled with your idea.

The site of theInpi: titleContent allows you to do this search:

Check availability of a brand, logo, domain name

It's about how your team, you, customers and your idea will come together.

Concretely, they are your organizational choices, of management, of collaborators and economic model that will your success.

You must:

  1. Reflect to your desires, your values, but also to your future customers, current consumers, their problems, their habits
  2. Confront your ideas to others
  3. Build your project.
    It starts with a market study and one business plan. We explain how to make them in theNEXT STEP.

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