Template for declaration of submission of a publication intended for young people (Template for document)

Identification of the applicant

Name or corporate name and address:




Publisher or publisher name:

Description of document filed:

International Standard Number (ISBN):

Name, First names of authors (main author, translator, adapter, illustrator etc):

Title of the book:

Collection title and number in this collection:

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□ Novelty

□ New edition

□ Reprinting

Age groups

□ 0 to 2 years

□ 2 to 6 years

□ 6 to 9 years

□ 9 to 12 years

□ 12 to 14 years

□ 14+

Name or business name and address of the printer:

Date of public availability:

Figure declared in the draw:

Number of copies deposited (mandatory deposit in 2 copies):


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