Apply for simplified authorization (registration) (Online Service)

Ministry of the Environment

This online service concerns the PCI registration (procedure E).

This teleprocedure allows for simplifications and time savings throughout the investigation procedure, including:

  • The acknowledgement of receipt shall be automatically issued if all mandatory documents are submitted
  • There is no longer a request for a wicket appointment for the completeness exam
  • Supplements and other procedural documents (reply of the petitioner to a possible request for supplements, contradictory...) are also filed online

For all the information on teleprocedure and the preparation of the file, you can consult the booklet and the guide to preparing the teleregistration application procedure.

The template files referred to in this guide are available online:

  • Warrant of deposit (for example, where a research bureau files on behalf of the petitioner)
  • Parcels (for projects if the list of parcels is filed via a file instead of the online table)
  • Geographical references (for projects if information is provided via a file instead of the online table)

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Verified 23 March 2023 - Directorate for Legal and Administrative Information (Prime Minister)

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