Conclusion of a permanent employment contract (CDI) for an employee

Verified 08 November 2021 - Directorate for Legal and Administrative Information (Prime Minister)

A permanent employment contract (CDI) is an open-ended, full-time or part-time contract between an employer and an employee.

The recruitment process should not be discriminatory.

Candidate Selection

The employer has the right to request information to the applicant in order to assess his or her professional skills, qualifications and abilities.

This information must be directly related to the job and position to be filled.

Information for the applicant

Candidates applying for a job must be informed in advance of the recruitment assistance methods and techniques used (e.g. tests, recruitment firm).

The results obtained must remain confidential.

The CDI at full-time is not necessarily the subject of a written contract.

The CDI at part-time must be written.

In most cases, and regardless of the working time provided for, a written contract of employment is signed and responds to certain legal requirements.

Please note

in the absence of a written commitment, the contract concluded is a DTA.


Where it is in writing, the CDI must be written in French.

If the job which is the subject of the contract can only be designated by a foreigners term without a corresponding in French, the contract of employment shall include an explanation in French of the term foreigners.

If the employee is a foreigner, a translation of the contract must be written in the language of the employee at his request.


if the employee is under 18 years of age, he can only sign his contract after authorization from his legal representative (father, mother or guardian).


The content of a DTA is free unless the collective agreement provides for mandatory particulars.

In practice, the CDI must provide for the following information:

  • Identity and address of the parties
  • Function and professional qualification
  • Workplace
  • Hours of work
  • Remuneration (salary and bonuses)
  • Paid Leave
  • Duration of the trial period
  • Notice periods in the event of termination of the contract
  • Possibly, non-compete clause or mobility

The CDI is concluded without any time limit.

The breakdown of the CDI is possible in compliance with legal and contractual provisions applicable.

The employee or employer may terminate the contract of employment without specific justification and without compensation during the trial period.

The contract may be suspended in some cases (e.g. sickness, maternity leave, exceptional leave, strike).