How to combine the status of pensioner and micro-entrepreneur?

Verified 01 January 2024 - Legal and Administrative Information Directorate (Prime Minister)

As a pensioner, you can receive rollup retirement employment. We explain the conditions to be fulfilled to be a micro-entrepreneur while retired and the social and fiscal consequences of this cumulation.

To combine your status as a pensioner with that of a micro-entrepreneur, you must meet the following conditions:

You must inform the National Old Age Insurance Fund (Cnav) in writing of the resumption of self-employment within one month of the resumption of employment:

You must provide the following:

  • Name and address of the company where you carry out your independent activity
  • Start date of your activity
  • Amount and nature of income from your activity and the social security schemes to which you are affiliated
  • Income Tax Credits for the Period of Service
  • Name and address of other pension organization(s) paying you a pension

The combination of your micro-entrepreneur income and your retirement pensions can be either full (liberalized job-pension cumulation) if you have a full rate pension, or capped.

Liberalized employment-pension cumulation

You can combine your retirement pension and your professional income as a micro-entrepreneur without ceiling limit if you meet the following conditions

  • You have reached the legal retirement age.
  • You can justify a full career or have reached the age of the full rate.
  • You have liquidated all your basic and supplementary pensions in the compulsory pension schemes of France and the foreigners and in the schemes of international organizations.

Your activity as a micro-entrepreneur allows you to contribute for a second retirement. However, it is not possible to contribute for a third retirement.

Capped employment-pension cumulation

If you do not meet the conditions for liberalized job-pension cumulation, you can combine your professional income and your pension. In this case, it must not exceed one of the following ceilings depending on your situation:

  • You are located in a Rural Revitalization Area (RRZ) or a Priority Urban Area (SPA): the annual amount of your retirement pensions and income must not exceed €46,368.
  • You are a member of the Cnavpl: titleContent : the annual amount of your retirement pensions and income should not exceed €46,368.
  • You are a member of the Cnav: titleContent : the amount of your retirement pensions and income must not exceed €23,184.

When you exceed the threshold that corresponds to your situation, your retirement pensions are no longer paid.


To start your micro-entrepreneur business, you need to make a application for registration.

You must report your turnover as a micro-entrepreneur. Your sales are taxed on the plan micro-fiscal taxation.

You are subject to the payment of social security contributions on your turnover as a micro-entrepreneur.

It's the regime micro-social.

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