The National Register of companies (NRS) is the only registration body as of January 1, 2023

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At 1er January 2023, the National Register of companies (RNE) will become the sole registration body for French entities carrying out an economic activity. This register will centralize all information on companies.

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A single register

Established by the 2019 PACTE Law and set up by the Ordinance of 15 September 2021, the National Register of companies (RNE) will enable the 1er january 2023 to list information on all companies located in France.

The objective of this standardization is to promote the creation of companies and the transparency of French economic operators.

This register covers all activities: commercial, craft, liberal and agricultural.


Current Registry

Registry at 1er january 2023


  • National Trade and businesses Register (NCR);
  • Special Trade Officer Register (SFCR).
  • National Register of companies ;
  • National Trade and businesses Register (additional);
  • Special Register of Commercial Agents (as an additional).


Business Directory (RM)

National Register of companies


National Register of companies


Register of agricultural assets (RAA)

National Register of companies

For consistency and efficiency, the data provided in the one-stop-shop for formalities: will be listed in the NNE. This information will be available online free of charge on the platform DATA INPI.

Regulatory clarifications

Two decrees of 19 July 2022 specified the content of the information that your company will have to communicate within the RNE as well as the amount of fees due by your company for the entry of information (registration, amending registration...) in this register.

Information to be provided

The information to be provided in this register shall include in particular:


Information to be provided

Natural person

  • Name, username, pseudonym;
  • First names, date and place of birth;
  • Nationality;
  • Registration number in the national register for the identification of natural persons (if registered);
  • Home address and telephone and electronic contact details...

Individual business

  • Name, its trade name if applicable and, if available, the domain name of its website
  • Description of its main activity;
  • Address, corresponding to the address of the principal establishment or, in the absence of an establishment, the address of the company fixed to the declared dwelling-place...

Main establishment

  • An indication of the main nature of the establishment and, where appropriate, its name;
  • Address;
  • Where appropriate, in the case of installation in premises occupied in common with one or more companies, the existence of the contract of domicile;
  • Description of the main activity and any secondary activities;
  • The corresponding date of commencement of the activities declared;
  • For each of the activities concerned, an indication that it is a creation or takeover, an indication of the method of exploitation and, where appropriate, an indication of the use of assets separate from his personal assets...

Legal person

  • Name or trade name;
  • Legal form;
  • Amount of share capital or indication of variable capital;
  • Address of the registered office;
  • A literal description of the main activity;
  • Its duration, as laid down in the statutes;
  • The domain name of his website...

The list of authorities, legal persons, authorities and professions having access to all the information of the RNE is also specified: Directorate-General for Public Finance, notaries, interministerial regional and departmental directorates responsible for the economy, employment, labor, solidarity and protection of populations...

Please note

The transmission of incorrect or incomplete information in bad faith with a view to registration, a change in his situation or removal from the NIS shall be punishable by a fine of EUR 4 500 and imprisonment for six months.

Amounts of duty due

Finally, the amount of the fees due by businesses, traders, companies in the trades and crafts sector for the entry of information in this register was indicated:


Amount in euro

Additional registration:

  • natural person


  • legal person


Amending registration including transfer other than transfer out of jurisdiction and taking up business of a legal person:

  • natural person


  • legal person


Deposits of annual accounts for businesses


Deposit of documents for legal persons:

  • amending act