Establishment of the Single Window Continuity Procedure

Publié le 20 juin 2023 - Mise à jour le 07 février 2024 - Directorate for Legal and Administrative Information (Prime Minister)

In case of severe difficulties, a procedure for the continuity of the one-stop-shop for company formalities shall be implemented as from 1 January 2024.

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The one-stop-shop for formalities became the 1er January 2023, the only point of entry for companies to complete their formalities.

In the event of serious difficulties encountered in making a declaration at the counter, a derogation procedure shall be implemented since 1er january 2024. It will apply up to and including 31 December 2024.

As a reminder, a serious problem with the single window is characterized when there is a general it unavailability preventing the filing of files or a recurring freeze on a particular type of formality.

Implementation of the continuity procedure

The formalities to be lodged in the event of serious difficulties shall comply with the following table:

Tableau - Continuity procedure as of 1 January 2024


Means of transmitting information and documents

Receiving agency

Any formality or document relating to:

  • a trader;
  • a legal person subject to registration in the Commercial and business Register (RCS).
    • Infograft (only accessible by a redirect link from;
    • Paper form sent by post or by deposit at the Registry (where the formality is not available on Infograft).

    Registries of commercial and judicial courts with commercial and territorial jurisdiction

    • Any formality concerning the following natural persons:
      • persons engaged in a regulated or non-regulated self-employed activity as a regular occupation other than trade, craft or agriculture;
      • independent door-to-door salespeople not registered in the RCS or in the special register of commercial agents;
      • Taxi drivers who are tenants of their professional vehicle (except taxi drivers who hold a management hire contract and who are subject to the CMA);
      • artists and authors;
      • the occasional public service employees mentioned inArticle D. 311-1 of the Social Security Code ;
      • renters of professional furniture without a para-hotel service;
      • doctors and medical students engaged in an alternative activity who have opted for the simplified system provided for inArticle L. 642-4-2 of the Social Security Code.
    • Modification or cessation of foreign companies, operating in France without establishment and employing staff covered by a French social security scheme.


    Modification or termination of foreign companies that cumulatively:

  • carry on business in France;
  • have no establishment;
  • do not employ an employee under a French social security scheme.
  • General Directorate of Public Finance


    Where the formality relates to the pursuit of an activity in the trades and crafts sector, the declarant may forward it to the Chamber of Trades and Crafts (CMA) to which he is attached, after issue of the extract Kbis by the Registry.

    Completion of formalities for companies registered in the SCN

    For these companies, the formalities are as follows:

    1. Completion of formality on
    2. For severe dysfunction, use ofInfograft (accessible via a redirect link from the one-stop shop).
    3. When the formality is not available on Infograft, the use of the paper form is allowed.

    The paper size is for next steps :

    • formalities for the modification or cessation of activities of a foreign company individual business (person or business) carrying on an activity without an establishment in France and not employing French social security personnel;
    • formalities for the creation, modification or cancelation of a association registered in the Trade and businesses Register (RCS) ;
    • formalities for the modification or cancelation of Agricultural civil businesses (GAEC, EARL, ASEC).

    All forms are available on the website.

    Issue of a receipt

    For any formalities that cannot be carried out on the one-stop shop, make available to the declarant, on the same day as the application, a receipt stating:

    • the type of the formality and the duration of its non-availability at the one-stop shop;
    • the date of issue of the receipt;
    • an obligation on the company to comply with its reporting obligations by filing its formality on within 30 days of the end of the serious difficulty affecting the type of formality concerned.