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Company formalities window (Online Service)

National Institute of Industrial Property (Inpi)

What's that about?

Until 31 December 2022option:

  • You can use the new online company formalities window
  • You can continue to complete your formalities via the relevant CFEs by physically filing the files or by using their website, where it exists

From 1to January 2023, the use of the company formalities window will be mandatory for all formalities and for all types of companies.

Who can use the single site?

The head of company (manager or micro-entrepreneur) can carry out the formalities himself online.

It can also ask an employee (called delegate) to carry out the formalities on behalf of the company by drafting a delegation.

It can also give this mission to any other person (called agent) by drafting a mandate contract. A template for the terms of reference is available on the website.

A copy of the delegation document or the mandate must be sent when the formality is carried out on the site.

How does the single site work?

The registrant (company manager, agent or delegate) must create a user account when it first logs in.

This user account is personal.

It allows you to access and manage all the formalities files on the site.

Holders of an e-procedures account atInpi: titleContent can use this account to use the single site

The notifier shall enter the information online and attach the necessary dematerialised documents.

The relevant bodies (INSEE, social and fiscal services, commercial court offices, consular chambers, etc.) process the information received.

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Verified 28 January 2022 - Legal and Administrative Information Directorate (Prime Minister)