Hiring aids for an apprenticeship contract

Verified 17 January 2023 - Directorate of Legal and Administrative Information (Prime Minister), Ministry of Vocational Training

New support for hiring a youth alternate for 2023

Published on 9 January 2023

Ministry of Labor press release of January 6, 2023 announces that the aids created for all alternance hiring in 2023, will be valid until 2027. The order in council to confirm this announcement has not yet been issued. The content of this page remains in effect.

From 2023, new aid is being introduced. Its amount is equal to €6,000. We'll explain how to take advantage of it. Note that if you have received assistance from 2022, it continues but is not cumulative pitch.

Please note

The Ministry of Labor proposes a guide to simplifying procedures for the employer.

Attention: help to hire a long-term unemployed under a professionalization contract is deleted as of 2023. It remains valid for contracts signed in 2022.

Aid from 2023

To benefit from it, your apprentice must prepare a diploma of maximum level 7 (Tray +5). We'll explain everything about this help.

3 conditions must be met by all:

  • The contract must be a apprenticeship contract
  • The contract must be concluded in  2023
  • The apprentice must prepare a diploma or a professional title less than or equal to level 7 the national framework for professional qualifications (master's degree, engineering degree...)


For companies with more than 250 employees, you must meet the following additional conditions:

The amount of the aid shall be €6,000.

It shall be granted only for 1re year of the contract.

You don't have any specific requests as such.

All you have to do is declare the hiring of an apprentice.

As an employer you must send the apprenticeship (or CQP or professionalization) contract to your Skills Operator (OPCO). According to OPCO, the deposit is made either online via their website or by post.

The payment of the aid shall be automatic, monthly, before payment of salary.

Once the contract has been registered and the Monthly DSN In fact, you must report the presence or absence of the employee concerned on the SYLAé platform.

Entering Attestations of Presence of Supported Contracts Online (SYLAé Account)

Every month, the Service and Payment Agency (ASP) sends a payment notice to the employer, which can be viewed on the same Sylaé platform.

Entering Attestations of Presence of Supported Contracts Online (SYLAé Account)

Who shall I contact


If the contract is terminated before its expiry date, the aid shall be paid until the last month of the contract. For the months following the end of the contractual relationship, the overpayments must be refunded to the SSA.

Hiring until end of 2022

A help from €5,000 or €8,000 is granted to companies for hiring apprentices whose contracts are signed until December 31, 2022.

Company of less than 250 employees

The following 2 conditions must be met:

  • The contract must be signed between  july 2020 and december 2022
  • The diploma or professional certificate prepared in an apprenticeship contract must not be higher than the Bac +5 level
Company of 250 or more employees

4 conditions must be met:

  • The contract must be signed until December 31, 2022
  • The diploma or professional certificate prepared in an apprenticeship contract must not exceed the Bac +5 level
  • The company must commit itself to hiring a minimum threshold of workers under an employment contract. This threshold shall be set at 5% the staff numbers as at 31 December 2023. These are apprenticeship contracts, professionalization contracts, CIFRE contracts or LIFE contracts. The number of employees on an insertion contract may be lowered to 3% if the increase in the hiring of apprenticeship or professionalization contracts in the year 2023 compared to 2022 is at least 10%.
  • The company must complete a commitment form

Commitment of a company of 250 or more employees on the rate of integration contracts hired

One Department of Labor Frequently Asked Questions Addresses questions on exceptional assistance in hiring apprentices, exceptional support for the hiring of employees under a professionalization contract.

Please note

Other aid applies for theapprenticeship hiring of a disabled person.

  • €5,000 maximum for the first year if the apprentice is a minor
  • €8,000 maximum for the first year if the apprentice is of age

The aid is granted and paid automatically after the employer has forwarded the signed apprenticeship contract to his employer. Opco: titleContent.

The employer then sends its registered social declaration (NSN) and mentions the information about this new hire.

The aid shall be paid to the employer each month onre year of the apprenticeship contract.

Example :

If the aid amounts to €8,000, then the company receives each month for 1 year: €8,000 / 12 = €666.67.


You can consult the list of OPCOs to send the contract to the one that corresponds to your activity.

For more information, the ASP provides an assistance number for employers:

Who shall I contact

Please note

If the contract has a term of more than 1 year, the company will not be eligible for the seconde year of the contract, of the new aid planned for 2023.

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