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Does a micro-entrepreneur have to be insured?

Verified 17 October 2019 - Directorate for Legal and Administrative Information (Prime Minister)

In terms of insurance, there is no specificity for a self-entrepreneur or a micro-entrepreneur.

With regard to professional liability, there are compulsory insurance and recommended insurance.

Depending on the activity carried out, there are compulsory insurance.. For example, ten-year liability insurance is mandatory in the building trades.

In order to find out whether the activity of the micro-enterprise should be carried out, it is necessary to consult with chambers of commerce and industry ICC: titleContent or rooms for crafts and craftsCMA: titleContent ..

The micro-entrepreneur can also get information from the professional organization to which his activity is attached.

Please note

a vehicle used in a professional setting must be covered by a liability insurance. This insurance is compulsory regardless of the use of the vehicle (transport of goods or persons).

Even if it is not strictly mandatory, it is strongly recommended to subscribe to a professional liability insurance..

Like any professional, a micro-entrepreneur is responsible for damage caused by himself, his premises and his professional equipment. He is also responsible for damage caused by objects he sells, manufactures, repairs or installs in the course of his professional activity.

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