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Create company: verify that the proposed activity is regulated

Verified 17 September 2021 - Legal and Administrative Information Directorate (Prime Minister)

Regardless of which legal status you choose, you must check whether your future company activity is regulated.

If your business you are considering is regulated, you should check that you are all the conditions for exercising it.

Examples of regulated activities:

It does not exist pa comprehensive list of regulated activities. However, BPIFrance Creation provides an information module on the most common regulated activities:

Whether an activity is regulated

Regulated activities are subject to access and/or exercise conditions.

Access conditions


  • Diploma requirements
  • Conditions of professional experience
  • Pre-training requirements
  • Minimum age requirements
  • Conditions of good repute (for example, not having been convicted by a French or foreign court)
  • Financial conditions (for example, having a minimum amount of capital)
  • Condition of insurance or more insurance

You may be required to meet several access conditions.

You have to fill them in before starting your business.

At the time of registration of your company, the administrative authorities will ask you to present the documents corresponding to the access conditions.

Conditions for exercise


  • Continuing Education Condition
  • Fitness
  • Condition for keeping a register or registers
  • Regular reporting requirement to one or more jurisdictions

Unlike access requirements, you do not have to justify exercise requirements to start your business. They will be verified in operation.

Ask a professional

In order to ensure that you have all the necessary information, it is recommended to call on a professional of the accompaniment.

Your activity is artisanal

Call the room of crafts and crafts.

Who shall I contact
Your business

Contact the Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

Who shall I contact
Your business is liberal

Contact the Urssaf.

Who shall I contact


depending on the nature of your business and the municipality in which you are located, you may have additional rules to follow (hygiene, product storage, security, public reception, etc.).

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