Create a company: Check if the proposed activity is regulated

Verified 01 July 2023 - Legal and Administrative Information Directorate (Prime Minister)

Regardless of the legal status of the company you want to create, it is imperative that you verify whether the proposed activity is regulated.

An activity is regulated when it is subject to conditions of access and/or conditions of exercise or operation.

Conditions of access

If the activity you plan to pursue is regulated, then you must verify that you are all access conditionsbefore you build your company.

The conditions of access must be respected before you start your business.

They are varied:

  • Diploma requirements
  • Conditions of professional experience
  • Conditions for prior training
  • Minimum age requirements
  • Conditions of good repute (for example, not having been convicted by a French or foreign court)
  • Financial conditions (for example, having a minimum amount of capital)
  • Condition for taking out one or more insurances

Several conditions are most often required to carry out an activity (e.g. diploma conditions and good repute conditions).


At the time of registration of your company, the company formalities officewill ask you to provide all supporting documentation.

Example :

To open a hairdressing salon, you must have a BEP hairdressing certificate, a master's degree in hairdressing or a diploma certified or registered in the National Register of Professional Certifications. Find all the required conditions on our dedicated card.

Conditions for the exercise

Unlike the access conditions, you do not have to justify that you meet the exercise conditions to start your business. They will be checked in operation.

These exercise conditions may be as follows:

  • Continuing education and training requirements
  • Fitness requirement
  • Condition for keeping a register or registers
  • Condition for regular reporting to one or more administrations

Example :

One second-hand dealer must keep a police register during the exercise of his activity.

Failure to comply with these conditions may result in penalties.


Additional rules (hygiene, storage of products, safety, reception of the public, etc.) must often be respected in the exercise of certain activities. I

There is no exhaustive list regulated activities.

However, Bpifrance Creation provides a tool to check if your activity is regulated:

Know if an activity is regulated

Please note

In the craft sector, a list of activitieswhich require a professional qualification is available.

You can find all the conditions to carry out the following regulated activities on our site:

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