What is a change in the destination of a building?

Verified 18 August 2021 - Directorate for Legal and Administrative Information (Prime Minister)

A change of destination is a change in the assignment of all or part of a building. For example, you can turn a business into a home and vice versa. Before making your change of destination, you must apply for a city planning authorization.

It exists 5 types of destinations which are broken down into sub-destinations. A destination change occurs when you switch from one destination or sub-destination to another.

Tableau - Destination Types and Sub-Destinations



Agricultural and forestry

  • Agricultural holding
  • Logging


  • Accommodation
  • Accommodation

Trade and service activities

  • Crafts and retail trade
  • Restore
  • Wholesale trade
  • Service activities where guests are welcomed
  • Cinema
  • Hotels
  • Other tourist accommodation

Equipment of public interest and public services

  • Premises and offices open to the public of general government and the like
  • Technical and industrial premises of public administrations and the like
  • Educational, health and social welfare institutions
  • Art and entertainment rooms
  • Sports facilities
  • Other public facilities

Other activities of the secondary or tertiary sectors

  • Industry
  • Storage Room
  • Office
  • Convention and Exhibition Center

To get theauthorization to change destination, you must file in the town hall a prior declaration of works or an application for a building permit.

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Change of destination or sub-destination with facade change

You must request a building permit.

Change of destination or sub-destination with modification of the carrier structure

You must request a building permit.

Other situation

If your change of destination does not involve a change to the supporting structure or facade of your construction, you must make a preliminary declaration of works.

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