Micro-entrepreneur's professional bank account

Verified 15 September 2023 - Legal and Administrative Information Directorate (Prime Minister)

As a micro-entrepreneur, you are required to open a bank account dedicated to your business only in certain cases.

Opening a professional bank account allows you to Separate your business operations from those you carry out in your personal life.

In addition, a business account can give you access to certain rights and benefits exclusively reserved for professionals, in particular a personalized accompaniment in managing your business account.

Opening a professional bank account is not mandatory at the time of the creation of the micro-company, as there is no deposit of share capital to be made.

It is, however must have a bank account. Your personal account is enough.

However, if your annual turnover exceeds €10,000 lasting 2 consecutive years, you will be required to create a dedicated account to your professional activity.

The dedicated account is not a business account, it is just a separate account of your personal account and which is dedicated to your activity.

It differentiates between your personal and business transactions.

You must provide your bank with the following documents:

  • ID
  • If you work in a business premises, proof of use of the premises (examples: commercial lease, proof of domicile at the manager's address with proof of domicile)

If your bank refuses to open a bank account in your name, it must provide you with a certificate or a letter of refusal account opening.

You will then have to get closer to the Banque de France so that it designates a bank that shall be required to to open a bank account for you. This is the so-called "right to account" procedure.