How to combine student and micro-entrepreneur status?

Verified 07 September 2022 - Directorate for Legal and Administrative Information (Prime Minister)

As a student, you have the opportunity to pursue an additional activity by becoming a micro-entrepreneur. We explain the conditions that must be met.

You can be self-employed as a micro-entrepreneur in parallel with your studies.

However, depending on your age, not all activities are possible.

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You can engage in any activity (commercial, liberal, artisanal). On the other hand, you must be careful to fulfill the criteria (qualifications, diploma...) to exercise a regulated activity (sports animator, dog guard...).

Emancipated minor

You can engage in a craft or professional activity (regulated or unregulated) as soon as you have the qualifications.

You also have the opportunity to engage in a commercial activity. In this case, you must ask for permission from one of the following people:

  • At the time of your emancipation : guardianship judge
  • After your emancipation: Judge of the Judicial Court

Non-emancipated minor

You can only carry out a specific craft activity (computer repairs, small crafts...) or an unregulated activity.

You can't to carry on a commercial activity.

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You are attached to your parents' tax home

When you are attached to your parents' tax home, your income must be reported on your parents' tax return.

You file your own tax return

You have to report your sales to the tax authorities. You are taxed on the micro-tax system.


to start your micro-entrepreneur business, you need to make a application for registration.

As a student, you are affiliated with the social security of students.

However, you have to pay social security contributions on your turnover in your micro-company. You are therefore subject to the micro-social scheme for your micro-entrepreneur business.

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