How to become a micro-entrepreneur?

Verified 01 January 2023 - Directorate for Legal and Administrative Information (Prime Minister)

In order to benefit from the micro-company scheme, your turnover or revenue must be below the following thresholds:

  • For trading and housing supply activities: €188,700
  • In the case of service provision or liberal activities: €77,700

Step-by-step approach

This name is also called a corporate name or even a corporate name.

This is your first and last name as you are acting in your own name.

You can also choose a commercial or professional name, it is not mandatory but strongly recommended.

If you exercise regulated activity (example: restaurateur, real estate agent, hairdresser), you are subject to the completion of certain pre-formalities.

For example, it is an application for authorization from your city council or an application for authorization.

The registered office is your company's address.

This is the address to which all documents relating to the business' activity are sent.

You can choose to house your company at home or outside (dedicated premises, office, company condo, nursery).

Registration on the website of the company without the domicile of the company formalities office is not possible.

The address must appear on the commercial documents (quotes, invoices in particular).

Any change of address, considered as a transfer of registered office, must be declared on the companies' formalities window.

Company Formalities Window

Once you've determined your headquarters, it's important to communicate this address to the post office the nearest one so that you can receive your mail.

As a micro-entrepreneur, your personal assets are protected. Only your professional assets (assigned to the activity of your company) can be seized in case of difficulties.

You have to declare your company.

This declaration of existence is also called registration. It's free.

Once registered at RNE: titleContent when done, you get the following identifiers:

  • 2 unique identification numbers:
    • The Siren identify your company. You will use in all your relationships (with administrations, clients, etc.).
    • The Siret identify the establishment where the activity is carried out.
  • One EPA activity code (main activity carried out)

Once the registration of the business is done, it is important to obtain a number of accounting, employee or security records.

These records are mostly mandatory and depend on the type of activity you are engaged in (liberal, artisanal, commercial...).

Depending on the register, it may be in paper form or in electronic form.

Depending on the activity you carry out, you may be subject to an obligation to to take out certain insurance.

This is also the case if you hire employees or if you have business cars.

Even if you are not required to take out insurance, taking out insurance is highly recommended and can be useful in the future. For example: to insure company property against water damage, fires.