Company Project Support Contract (Cape)

Verified 19 July 2023 - Legal and Administrative Information Directorate (Prime Minister)

The company Project Support Contract (Cape) allows you to test the economic viability of your project by benefiting from the support of an accompanying structure. It allows you to benefit from material and financial assistance and resources. In exchange, you agree to follow a program of preparation for creation or recovery. The Cape is not an employment contract but it provides social protection.

The Cape allows you to test your project by taking advantage of a support to study its feasibility and launch your company.

This is a written contract with an accompanying structure (company or association):

  • The accompanying establishment is committed to you to provide assistance continues to prepare for the creation or resumption of a company.
  • In return, you agree to to follow a program preparing for the creation or resumption and management of an economic activity.

The Cape has a maximum duration of 1 year but it may be renewed in writing 2 times. Its maximum duration is therefore 3 years.


the Cape is not a contract of employment.

You can benefit from the Cape if you are in one of the following situations:

  • Job-seeker
  • Beneficiary of a social minimum (SSA, RSA)
  • Director and sole partner of a EURL: titleContent or a SASU: titleContent
  • Part-time employee


A full-time employee cannot benefit from the Cape

The company Project Support Contract (Cape) shall specify all items following:

  • Company creation, recovery, and management readiness program
  • Respective commitments of the 2 parties (project leader and accompanying structure), distinguishing those provided for until the beginning of the activity and those applicable after the start of the activity
  • Amount and conditions of use of the means made available to you by the accompanying structure and any changes during the contract
  • Conditions for calculating or the flat-rate amount of the remuneration of the accompanying structure and their possible evolution during the contract
  • Nature, maximum amount and conditions of the commitments you have made to third parties during the contract, the party who bears the financial burden
  • Conditions and periodicity under which the accompanying body is informed of your accounting data, after the start of the activity
  • Early Break Mode
  • Your remuneration, calculation and payment conditions, if any
  • Conditions under which you will have to reimburse the accompanying company for the amount of the social contributions paid by it on your behalf after the start of the activity

Before the activity starts

You must specify on all your business documents (invoices, purchase orders, advertising documents, etc.) that you benefit from a Cape and the duration of the contract.

You must also mention the name of the company, the place of registered office and the identification number of the accompanying structure.

From registration to the end of the contract

You can start your activity and complete the formalities of creating your company during the execution of the Cape.

The registration of a individual business or a business must be made on the website of the company formalities office.

Company Formalities Window

Like any company creator, you can benefit from the exemption Acre.

You can also benefit from a maintenance of your unemployment benefit and return-to-work assistance (ARE) during the Cape. You can also acquire new unemployment insurance rights in case of remuneration during the Cape.

During the performance of the contract, you are not bound by an employment contract with the accompanying structure. However, you do benefit from same social protection as employees.

Throughout the Cape, you are entitled to the following social protection:

  • Social coverage of the general social security scheme
  • Unemployment insurance cover
  • Accident at work Protection in the event of an occupational disease (AT/MP)

It is the accompanying structure that is person responsible for declaring and paying social security contributions. As soon as the Cape is concluded, it shall inform the Urssaf and Pôle emploi of the conclusion of the contract, specifying in particular its duration. It shall also inform them of the renewal(s).

Social security contributions are based on the income derived from the tax-free revenue generated by your activity and remuneration.


You benefit from the general scheme of employees until the expiry of the Cape. At the end of the Cape, you will be affiliated as a self-employed worker.

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