Creation, modification or discontinuance of activity: who should be contacted?

Verified 06 February 2024 - Directorate for Legal and Administrative Information (Prime Minister)

Since 1er January 2023, the formalities for creating, modifying and terminating activities must be carried out online on the company formalities office. The use of this " one-stop shop ” dematerialized is now obligatory. The window replaces the abolished company formality centers (TFCs).

All companies, whatever their legal form or activity, must use the new single formalities site:

  • individual companies or businesses engaged in commercial, craft, liberal or agricultural activities
  • Companies with a registered office, principal place of business, secondary school or address in France
  • Foreign companies wishing to carry out an activity in France.

Company Formalities Window


Associations, condominium trustees, foundations and trusts are not affected through the formalities window. These entities continue to report as before.

Obligation to use the counter

All the following formalities must be carried out on the website of the companies formalities window:

  • Creating the company : registration, declaration of commencement of activity or declaration of beneficial ownership
  • Changes : change of activity, address, name, number of partners, legal form, statutes, etc.
  • Termination of activity and company deletion

Company Formalities Window

The submission of annual accounts businesses may also be made at the formalities desk. Paper filing with the Registry of the Commercial Court is always possible.

Exceptions via the continuity procedure

In case of malfunctioning of the one-stop shop, it is possible to carry out its formalities for modifying or terminating companies in connection with the Trade and businesses Register (RCS), on the website

Follow the next steps :

  1. Log in to the one-stop shop for company formalities to complete its formality
  2. In case of impossibility due to a serious malfunction of the single window, access to the Infograft pathway shall be open from the single window
  3. If infograft does not offer the functionality, the use of forms filed with the graft, in active pdf format that can be filled in online, is permitted.

Paper size is only allowed for next steps :

  • Formalities for the modification or cessation of activities of a foreign company individual business (or business) carrying on an activity without an establishment in France and not employing French social security personnel
  • Formalities for creating, modifying, deleting a association registered in the Trade and businesses Register (RCS)
  • Formalities for the amendment or cancelation of Agricultural civil businesses (GAEC, EARL, ASEC)

All forms are available on the website.


The use of a continuity solution may result in poor data quality recovery within the National company Register (NRE). In this case, the company may be required to complete or correct the company formalities through the one-stop shop.

At the time of first connection, the declarant (Head of company, representative or delegate) must create user account on

This user account is staff.

Please note

Holders of an “e-procedures” account atInpi: titleContent can use this account to use the formalities window.

In order to carry out his formality, the declarant shall enter online information and attaches dematerialized coins necessary. You can start a process and save it in a draft and finish it later.

The competent bodies (Insee, social and tax services, registries of commercial courts, consular chambers, etc.) process the information received.

The progress of the formalities is available at any time on the counter, from the personal space dashboard. Due to the recent opening of the window, the processing times for formalities may be extended.

Please note

The use of the site is free, but some formalities are paying.

The head of company (manager or micro-entrepreneur) can carry out the on-line formalities on the formalities window.

Company Formalities Window

He can ask an employee (called delegatee) to carry out the formalities on behalf of the company by drawing up a delegation.

It can also give this mission to any other person (called representative) by drawing up a contract of office. A template for the mandate is available on the website of the window.

One copy of the document of delegation or the mandate must be transmitted when the formality is carried out on the site.

The right person to talk to depends on the problem you are experiencing.

Technical Difficulties

In case of technical difficulty, you can contact INPI Direct.

Question on the content of formalities

If your question concerns the content of the formalities, please contact the consular network on which you depend.


If you are a merchant, you can contact the Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCI).

Who shall I contact


If you are a craftsman, you can contact the Chamber of Trades and Crafts (CMA).


If you are a Liberal, you can contact theUrssaf.


If you are a farmer, you can contact the chamber of agriculture.

Who shall I contact

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