Creating a Freight Carrier company

Verified 01 January 2023 - Directorate for Legal and Administrative Information (Prime Minister)

You want to build your freight carrier company (MRT)? You must either take an exam or prove your experience or diplomas. You must respect a good repute, have a professional capacity and have a financial capacity. We provide you with all the necessary information.

Step-by-step approach

Characteristics of the MRT: titleContent

The activity is specifically called "public road haulage operator".

The term "public" means that it is a question of transporting goods on behalf of others.

The transport of your own goods is therefore excluded from this activity.

The trade consists in transporting goods from one point to another in compliance with the terms of the contract concluded with the customer. You must meet deadlines and ensure quality under all conditions.

You don't own the goods, but you are responsible throughout the delivery.

Regulated commercial activity

The profession of MRT: titleContent is a regulated profession. This implies having several authorizations to exercise it (diploma, certificate, etc.).

This is a commercial activity.

You need to know the general characteristics of the trade and its regulations.

Types of companies

It exists 2 types of company road freight transport services:

  1. Public transport of goods with one or more motor vehicles, of 4 wheels or less, irrespective of tonnage, heavy or light vehicle
  2. Rental of motor vehicles with driver for the transport of goods, of 4 wheels or less, whatever the tonnage, heavy or light vehicle


You don't have to not to be confused with the road haulage agent. It orchestrates the services using all modes of transport (air, rail, sea and road) to ensure the movement of goods.

Several types of transport and goods

The profession of MRT: titleContent concerns both transport by heavy or light vehicles (plus or minus 3.5 tons).

Among the vehicles, 4, 3 or 2 wheels are concerned.

The following transports are also concerned :

  • Removal Benefit
  • Land evacuation by a subcontracted farmer at a public works site
  • Delivery of parcels to private individuals with light commercial vehicles (less than 3.5 tons)
  • Transport of live animals
  • Transport of blood, organs and medical products
  • Meal delivery with 2-wheel motor vehicles
Exceptional transport

The exceptional transport also called "exceptional convoy" (dimensions or weights greater than the standards permitted by the highway code) requires specific additional permissions.

This also applies to the transport of dangerous goods (gases, minerals, dead animals, etc.).

Example :

Transport of agricultural or forestry machinery, transport of beams (wood, steel, concrete...), etc.

Cross-border transport

If you want to perform cross-border transport inside theEU or theEEE, you must apply the rules common to all member countries.

Who can help you?

The Dreal: titleContent from your region and its website helps you answer your questions.

You need to do your research in the category titled "road transport companies".

You can also consult the website of the ministry of ecological transition, in the category "Road freight transport".

Verify that you have the right to become an entrepreneur and a merchant

Make sure you meet the age requirements to create a company.

Road haulage is a commercial activity.

Make sure you can become a merchant.


Embark on this trade ask for a personal and financial investment important: making a success of examination, purchase or lease of the vehicles, maintenance, technical skills in transport, in management, in management, etc.

Anticipating Difficulties

These courses are optional, but recommended for your success.

  • Plan for difficulties
    • Make a financial reserve to deal with the unexpected. You'll be asked to have a financial capacity, it is indispensable.
    • Get ready for steady rate of work, at wide and staggered times.

Please note

Find out more about the job. For example, on the differences between heavy or light transport, that of persons or goods.

Make a business plan

It is advisable to make a business plan of your future company.

It's a essential file for convince the banks to support you.

He's also a management tool over the first 3 years.

We'll explain how to make it.

Who can help you?


Before you get started, we offer tips and tools to prepare for entrepreneurship.

You can also request different accompanying solutions.

Get closer to the CCI: titleContent from your region.

Each KIC offers a training (3-5 days) to succeed your company creation project.

The KICs also each offer a personalized follow-up on your project.

Who shall I contact

3 ways to get it

The professional capacity of a motor carrier attests that you are capable of running a TRM company.

To justify your ability to do so, you must:

  • Take an exam
  • Or have a professional experience to the directorate a company of TRM:
    • Minimum 2 years for light transport
    • 5 years minimum for the heavy transport
    • 5 years minimum for a person of foreign nationality (excluding EU and off EEE) irrespective of road transport
  • Or already have a diploma :  
    • BTS: titleContent or DUT: titleContent in transport management
    • Certificate of Competency "Manager of a Transport and Logistics Unit" (RUTL) level BEP/CAP or Bac required (diploma issued by the Cnam: titleContent and theAftral: titleContent)
Take the professional competence test

The examination takes place only once a year, in October.

The deadline to register varies by region. Check the dates, some can be closed as early as spring. All registrations are closed in august every year.

To register you must first pay for one royalty.

The amount is fixed by decree and varies for each region (allow approximately €30). Payment is made online by credit card.

The complete registration file can be made either on the Internet or by post to the Dreal: titleContent from your region.


The majority of regions require you to register online only on-site simplified or on the website of the ministry of ecology.


If you register online, depending on your region you will need to do so on the site simplified or on the website of the ministry of ecology.

Online approaches by road hauliers (simplified approaches)

Online steps to become a road transport operator (Ministry of Ecology)

By postal mail

If you register for the exam by mail, you must complete the next form :

Application for certification of professional competence for public transport operators and freight forwarders

Who shall I contact
Have previous work experience

If you have previously managed a company of MRT: titleContent, you must complete the attestation request form.

Your file must include proof of your professional experience (unique identification number) Siren, proof of registration, etc.).

Application for certification of professional competence for public transport operators and freight forwarders

Who can help you?
General case

For more information, you can visit the website of the Dreal: titleContent from your region.


For more information, you can visit the website of the DRIEA: titleContent.


For more information, you can visit the website of the Deal: titleContent from your region.

How is the exam going?

The exam is divided into 2 parts:

  1. QCM: titleContent on company management
  2. Written questions and answers on transportation.

It lasts about 4 hours.

Please note

The Ministry of Ecology proposes a example of partial examination for light freight carriers. Questions may be similar for the examination of heavy carriers.

You receive the results at least 2 months after the examination:

  • either in December of the current year,
  • or at the beginning of the following year.
Training: Recommended but not mandatory

For pass the exam, it is advisable to take training to prepare yourself.

Pôle emploi offers a search tool:

Where can I find my training as a road transport operator?

The profession of MRT: titleContent involves significant responsibilities.

As a leader, you are responsible for:

  • Timeliness of delivery
  • Conformity of goods
  • Working conditions and rest of drivers
  • Maintenance and repair of vehicles
  • Compliance with the highway code and with users of public space

To be eligible to practice, you must demonstrate a professional good repute.

This means that you must not have been convicted of serious traffic offenses.

You must not have been sentenced to a prohibition on managing a company.

You must prove this professional good repute by providing a declaration of non-conviction.

You can generate it online:

Trade and businesses Register - Declaration of non-conviction

To have the right to practice the profession of MRT: titleContent, you have to prove that you have sufficient financial capacity.

The amount of money you owe immobilize, differs by weight and number of vehicles that you use.

Tableau - Financial capacity required for road haulage operators

Maximum Allowable Weight (PMA)

For 1er vehicle used

For each additional vehicle


> 3,5 tons



< 3.5 tons



Guadeloupe, French Guiana, Martinique, Reunion or Mayotte (DROM)

> 3,5 tons



< 3.5 tons



In the DROM, financial standing and authorization to practice shall be limited to single department where the company is established.


You can present bonds or guarantees of external funders (banks, etc.) up to a maximum of 50% of the amount required.

One bank account statement for example, you can prove that you have the required amount of financial capacity.


You must specify the financial capacity for each vehicle in your application for authorization to practice the profession.

To be entitled to become MRT: titleContent, your must have a location of your premises.

This establishment must be located in France.

He must include the following:

  • Vehicle(s)
  • Personal : drivers, handlers, technicians, secretaries, etc.
  • Documents administrative
    These are accounting documents, personnel management documents, documents containing rest and driving times (via tachograph) and the original of the transport license.


If the documents of the company are not available at the head office, or if the head office is not located in France, you must transmit to the prefect of regionskill of the establishment in France where they are (for example, during a check).

We'll explain how to make your company domiciliation.

If you meet all the prerequisites (professional competence, financial capacity, good repute, domicile), you must to seek authorization to practice.

She's obligatory.

It's to fill out a form and send it to the Dreal: titleContent from your region.

The application form is different depending on the status of your company (business individual business or


If you are a business (other than a SASU: titleContent), you must complete the following form:

Application for authorization to engage in the occupation of road public transport operator for businesses and other

Individual companies (EI, EURL, EIRL, SASU)

If you are a IS: titleContent, a EURL: titleContent, a EIRL: titleContent or a SASU: titleContent, you must complete the following form:

Application for authorization to pursue the occupation of road public transport operator for single-person companies

Requests are made online only. They are made on the website of the Dreal: titleContent from your region or on the website of the ministry responsible for ecology.

Online approaches by road hauliers (simplified approaches)

Online steps to become a road transport operator (Ministry of Ecology)

The Dreal: titleContent then send you your transport license and the attestation of your entry in the register of carriers.

Register your company

To proceed to the registration of your company, you must go to the Company Formalities Window.


Since 1er january 2023, it is no longer possible to carry out your procedures in a company Formalities Center (CFE). You must make them on the website of the company formalities office.

Company Formalities Window

You must create personal account. Then you need to click on the column “ Company ” and then click on “File a company”. One interactive online form 8 pages is offered; you must fill it out step by step. A user manual is available on this Single Window website.

Taking out professional insurance

The profession of MRT: titleContent requires solid insurance to deal with technical, human problems, accidents, etc.

Report a change to your activity

You can expand and expand your services.

You will then have to register the new elements in the carrier register.

Request to amend an entry in the road transport register

Obtain an exact copy of your license card

In case of loss of your license as a road transport operator or as a precaution or to carry out certain procedures, you can request a certified copy of your license.

Application for certified true copies of a Community license or an inland transport license

Use a subcontractor

If you choose to contract out some of your transportation services, you must complete the following form:

Declaration on the subcontracting of road freight transport companies

Recruit an employee

If you're new to entrepreneurship, you'll learn about the steps to recruit your first employee.

You can also consult the steps to be taken to report your employee's activity.

Preventing health and safety risks

You should be familiar with the regulations for health and safety at work.

You can consult our information on the roadworthiness tests for heavy goods vehicles.


Each vehicle shall be equipped with a digital tachograph, an instrument for measuring and recording speed.

Pay your transportation-related taxes

You have to pay certain taxes as part of your MRT: titleContent.

These include the following 2 taxes: