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Verified 01 January 2024 - Legal and Administrative Information Directorate (Prime Minister)

Individual business TheIS: titleContent, EIRL: titleContent, micro-entrepreneur) has the possibility to make changes during its lifetime. These changes must be recorded in the SCR: titleContent or the National company Register (NRE).

You can change the following information:

  • Head of company : birth name or first name, nationality, address of domicile, status of spouse (working or employed spouse)
  • Establishment : trade name or sign, address of establishment, closure or opening of a secondary establishment, change or adding a new activity, put on hold, amendment of the proxy, etc.
  • Radiation : permanent cessation of activity

Please note

If your company moves, a new Siret number is issued to you as a replacement. However, you keep the same Siren number.

You must report the change in your company to the administration.

Since 1er january 2023, it is no longer possible to carry out your procedures in a company Formalities Center (CFE). You must declare the change on the website of the company formalities office :

Company Formalities Window

Please note

Publishing this change in a legal listing medium is not necessary.

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