How to test your activity in a company nursery?

Verified 20 February 2024 - Directorate for Legal and Administrative Information (Prime Minister)

The company nursery is ancollective support which allows you to test your business with other entrepreneurs. Your company should be recent. Regardless of your status and the nature of your project, you can apply for to integrate a nursery.

The nursery is a structure ofaccommodation and support for young companies.

Your company should be recent (registered in the last 6 months).

A nursery brings you 2 benefits :

  • Exchanges with entrepreneurs who share your situation
  • Business premises

It's a way tosave logistics costs and not to be alone.

So you can use the nursery address to individual business domiciliate your, or for house your business.

The training which it proposes are collective.

The accommodation is particularly pleasant surrounded by other young entrepreneurs.

Exchanges enable:

  • Develop faster your business
  • Move Forward in your methods
  • Extend your professional network

The duration of the support is on average 2 years, but it can go up to 5 years.

The rental of premises varies between €150 and €500 per month depending on the type of nursery.

Some incubators offer paid services for further support.

You must build a application dossier that presents your project.

It is analyzed by those responsible for the incubation structure.

You must defend and argue your project in maintenance.

As a result of this process, your file is selected or not.

You can contact either the CMA: titleContent of your region if your project is artisanal in nature, i.e CCI: titleContent of your region if your project is of a commercial or industrial nature.

Counselors will help you find a nursery that suits you.

Indeed, incubators are often specialized by field of activity or by type of project.

If your company is located inforeigner, you must contact the CCI France of the country concerned :

Example :

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