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Pension reform: what you need to know

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Postponement of the retirement age, upgrading of minimum pensions, development of the phased retirement scheme, modification of the long-career scheme...: all you need to know about the pension reform in force since the 1ster September 2023.

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Retirement age and progressive retirement

Postponement of the retirement age and the age for gradual retirement, recasting of the "long careers" scheme, extension of the gradual retirement scheme to the liberal professions and regulating the employer's refusal to allow his employee to benefit from gradual retirement. See the new provisions on the retirement age and the phased retirement scheme.

Pensions: extension of the starting age and redesign of the long-career system

Evolution of the phased retirement scheme and management of employer refusal

Retirement pension

Minimum retirement pensions have been increased for both those who retired before 1er September 2023 only for "new" retirees.

Revaluation of minimum retirement pensions

Since 1er in september 2023, retired persons who continue to work can obtain a second retirement pension calculated solely on the basis of the periods contributed.

Cumulation of employment and retirement: introduction of a new pension

In order to increase the pension of insured persons who have experienced career breaks due to the birth, adoption or upbringing of a child, the pension reform introduced the "parental benefit" scheme for persons over 63.

Creation of the parental premium and changes in the taking into account of maternity daily allowances

Employer's contributions

Contributions paid by the employer on allowances paid in connection with a contractual breakdown and retirement have been unified since 1er September 2023. The rate of that single contribution shall be 30 % of the compensation paid.

Contractual breakdown and retirement: modification of employer contribution


Employee recourse to the Preventive Professional Account (C2P) is now facilitated and the Wear and Tear Prevention Fund has been created to enable employers to finance actions to prevent occupational risk factors.

Painful: development of the prevention professional account and creation of the fund for the prevention of professional wear and tear

Disabled workers

At 1er in september 2023, early retirement schemes were adjusted. They concern insured persons with a severe disability, permanent incapacity or incapacity. The latter possibility is a novelty.

Early retirement schemes for disabled workers are evolving

Acquisition of pension rights

Insured persons who have completed periods of traineeship and study can more easily acquire pension rights on 1er September 2023.

Pensions: better coverage of traineeships and studies