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Artist-author: declaration of activity

Verified 01 January 2023 - Directorate for Legal and Administrative Information (Prime Minister)

As an artist-author, you are a self-employed. You exercise a creative activity, whether in the fields of literature, dance, theater, music, cinema and graphic and plastic arts, and even software.

To earn income, you must first declare your activity.

The artist-author's regime concerns only the art creators not technicians or performers.

Thus, you are considered an artist-author when you create or participate in the creation of one of the following works :

  • Literary or scientific writing
  • Translations, adaptations and illustrations of these texts
  • Musical compositions with or without words
  • Choreographies and pantomimes
  • Graphic and visual works: paintings, collages, drawings, engravings, sculptures, ceramics, glassware, etc.
  • Scenographies of live shows, exhibitions or spaces
  • Original design models
  • Cinematographic and audiovisual works, irrespective of the recording and distribution processes
  • Translations, subtitles and audiovisual descriptions in cinema and audiovisual
  • Photographic works or works made using techniques similar to photography, regardless of the medium used.
  • Computer software


actors, singers, dancers or musicians are performers, they are employees and come under the intermittent of the show. You can optionally combine the status of artist-author and performer.

The declaration of activity shall be obligatory to receive the remuneration declared in non-commercial profits (BNC). These are revenues from:

  • Exercise or assignment of copyright : you can earn a remuneration in return for the exploitation of your work in the context of its reproduction or representation.
  • Sale or rental of original works
  • Sale of copies of the work by the author-artist, who reproduces or disseminates it himself
  • Award for a work : for example, in a competition
  • Award of scholarships : research fellowships, creative fellowships, production fellowships, residence fellowships, etc.
  • Residences design or production of works
  • Participation in a jury with a selection or preselection work for the award of a prize or award to another artist-author
  • Public Playback of one or more of his works by the author
  • Oral or written presentation of one or more of his works by the artist: this also includes the presentation of the creative process.
  • Dedication accompanied by the creation of a work
  • Design and animation from an original editorial collection.
  • So-called ancillary activities : public meetings and debates unrelated to the work of the artist-author, lessons given in the artist-author's workshop or studio, artistic or writing workshops, participation in the design of a work.

Please note

artists-authors whose income consists exclusively of copyright paid by publishers, producers or collective management organizations (Adagp: titleContent, Sacem: titleContent, Sofia: titleContent, etc.) can report their income in wages and salaries (TS) without making a declaration of activity to the CFE.

As an independent, the artist-author is considered to be a sole trader.

You must declare your activity on the website of company formalities office.

Company Formalities Window

One Siren number and one EPA code (main activity performed) will be assigned to you.


Since 1er january 2023, it is no longer possible to carry out your procedures in a company Formalities Center (CFE). You must make them on the website of the company formalities office.

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