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What is the APE (NAF) code?

Verified 26 August 2022 - Legal and Administrative Information Directorate (Prime Minister)

The main activity carried out (APE) code identifies the main branch of activity of the self-employed worker or business.

EPA means Main activity.

It is composed of 4 digits + 1 letter.

It is based on the French national activity nomenclature: Rev NAF 2 . That's why it's also sometimes called NAF code.

You can use the following tool to search for the APE code for a specific job or activity:

Search for an APE code in the French activity nomenclature (NAF)

Example :

If you are a hairdresser, your APE code is 96.02A (the same as for barber-hairdresser).

If you are a VTC driver, your APE code is 49.32Z (the same as for taxis).

If you are a plumber, your EPA code is 43.22A.

If you are an electrician, your EPA code is 43.21A.

The APE code identifies the main industry of your company.

Administration determines this based on the primary activity you reported for your company.

This activity must be the one actually carried out.

Please note

If your company has multiple activities, the revenue or headcount that corresponds to each activity determines the primary activity.

The APE code determines collective agreement that applies to your employees.

It must be on the payroll of employees.

It is assigned automatically byInsee: titleContent when registering the company (also known as the company activity declaration).

You don't no requests to get it.

If the APE code does not or no longer match the main activity of your company, you must request its modification.

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Activity Change

Your company's core business has changed.

You must make an APE code change request.

This request must be sent to the company Formalities Centre (CFE) on which you depend.

Your CFE will then take the necessary steps.

Please note

If your company is a business, you must also think about changing its social purpose.

Fixed an anomaly

You have not changed your activity, but you feel that the APE code assigned to you should be corrected.

You have to report it to the Insee.

Prompt to change the primary activity code (APE, NAF)

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