What are the identification numbers of a company?

Verified 01 January 2023 - Directorate for Legal and Administrative Information (Prime Minister)

Are you lost among the numbers that identify your company?

We explain how to navigate and how the recognize.

You must provide these numbers during your steps and enter them on your administrative documents.

Tableau - Company identification numbers





Unique identification of your company, its identity card

Must be provided during all steps

9 digits


Identification of each establishment of the same company in which the activity is carried out

With geographical indication of activity/building

Must appear on pay slips

14 digits = 9 SIREN digits + 5 institution-specific digits

EPA code (or NAF code))

Identification of the industry of your main activity for each establishment

Determine the collective agreement that applies to your employees

Must appear on pay slips

4 digits + 1 letter

RCS (Trade and businesses Register)

Proof of your registration if you are a merchant asIS: titleContent or as a commercial business

SCR + city of registration + SIREN number

LEI (Legal Entity Identifier or Legal Entity Identifier)

Identification of financial businesses

20-character string of letters and numbers

Intra-Community VAT

Tax registration if you pay VAT

Must appear on invoices and VAT returns

FR (country code)+ 2 digits + SIREN

You receive the identification numbers of your company following your registration.

You have no no request to be done for receive.

Their attribution is automatic.

You will find them in your personal space of the Company Formalities Window on which you have to make your declaration of activity.

Company Formalities Window

If you have any questions about the assignment of your identification numbers and codes, you can contact Inpi Direct.

This data is public.

Any person can find or retrieve the Siren or Siret number of a company if necessary. The legal and financial characteristics of the companies are accessible to all. You can view them either at company Directory, or on the website of the Insee in its SIRENE Directory.

Company Directory

L'Company Directory allows you to:

  • Recover the Siret or Siren number of your company
  • Find the information from a company other than yours (legal, financial data)

Example :

You will find in particular the intra-Community VAT number, the EPA code, the Siret of all the companies registered in France and all the publications at the Bodacc: titleContent

Company Directory: Find all information in a company

You can do some research by name, by company name, by Siret number or by Siren number.

Sirene Directory

You can also consult the Sirene Directory and apply for a company's "identity card":

Sirene Directory Status Notice


You can use the MonIdenum online service to enable your company's digital identity.

This service is linked to the Business and business Register (BCR).

MonIdenum: the digital identity recognized to access your online services

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