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What are the company identification numbers?

Verified 12 April 2019 - Directorate for Legal and Administrative Information (Prime Minister)

The individual enterprise or contractor must request identification numbers for registration and activity reporting from its business formalities center.

Business identification numbers




Which authority issues it?


Unique identification of each company with public bodies and administrations.

9 digits

Insee via CFE


Identification of each establishment of the same company with social and tax organizations.

Must appear on employee pay slips.

14 digits = 9 digits of the Siren + 5 digits specific to each establishment

Insee via CFE

APE code (main activity carried out) or NAF code

Identification of the industry of the undertaking or self-employed person.

Determines the applicable collective agreement.

Must appear on employee pay slips.

4 digits + 1 letter, with reference to the French national statistical classification of activities (NAF rev. 2, effective since 2008)

Insee via the CFE.

It is possible to make change if it is wrong.

CSR (Trade and Company Register)

Registration of traders and commercial companies.

Figure extract K or Kbis..

RCS + City of Registry + Siren No.

Registry of the Commercial Court via the CFE

Legal Entity Identifier (LEI)

Identification of legal persons involved in financial markets

20-character alphanumeric code


Business Directory (RM)

Mandatory registration in the Directory of crafts and craft companies with no more than 10 employees.

Figure in D1

No Siren + RM + numbers indicating the competent chamber of crafts and crafts

Chamber of Crafts and Crafts (CMA) via the CFE


Tax identification for any company liable for VAT.

Must appear on invoices and VAT returns

FR (country code) + 2 digits + Siren number

Corporate Tax Service (EIS) via the CFE

The Sirene Directory shall record all undertakings and their establishments, irrespective of their legal form and sector of activity. Foreign companies that have a representation or activity in France are also listed.

Associations shall not have a legal obligation to register in the Sirene Directory unless:

  • they employ staff,
  • they are engaged in activities which entail payment of VAT or corporation tax,
  • or receive public subsidies.

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