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How do I get a K or Kbis extract?

Verified 01 January 2023 - Directorate for Legal and Administrative Information (Prime Minister)

Extract K, Kbis replaced by the SIREN number

Published on 1 January 2023

If your company is registered at SCR: titleContent or at RNE: titleContentHowever, it is no longer necessary to attach a K or Kbis extract (for merchants) during numerous administrative procedures. You just need to communicate your unique identification number (Siren).

The K or Kbis extract allows an entrepreneur or a company to justify its registration in the Commercial and business Register (RCS) and to prove its legal existence. This document can be obtained online and for free. It can be requested by anyone looking for information about a company.

Individual business When it is created, any person or business with a commercial activity must register with the SCR: titleContent. We're talking about registration.

Extract K or extract Kbis shall be the official document proving that registration. It contains all the information about the company. This is the "identity card"of the company.

  • The extract K concerns individual companies (EI), i.e. natural persons. It therefore also concerns micro-entrepreneurs. The extract is called L if it is the creation of a secondary establishment.
  • The extract Kbis concerns legal persons, i.e. all forms of commercial businesses. It is called Lbis if it is the creation of a secondary school.

Craftsmen and liberal professions are not concerned: craftsmen and liberal professions must provide their Siren number.

Extract K or Kbis provides information on the company's activity and includes all the information given in SCR: titleContent :

In addition, it includes all decisions of the commercial court in the field of collective proceedings: safeguards, remedies and liquidation.

Extract K or Kbis proves registration to  SCR: titleContent.

It must be provided during procedures such as opening a professional bank account or purchasing equipment from a supplier.

Please note

It is no longer necessary to attach a K or Kbis extract in order to carry out certain administrative procedures. Simply communicate the unique identification number (Siren).

For example, it is no longer necessary to provide a K or Kbis extract in the following steps:

  • Any manager can request a digital K or Kbis extract from his or her company or commercial business free of charge.
  • Anyone other than the head of company can request a K or Kbis extract from any company registered in France.

The head of company may request an extract K or Digital Kbis.

To do this, he must create an account on the site managed by the registries of commercial courts.

He will then be able to connect to his personal space thanks to an identifier to obtain his digital K or Kbis.

MonIdenum: the digital identity recognized to access your online services

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