How to combine the status of civil servant and micro-entrepreneur?

Verified 15 December 2022 - Directorate for Legal and Administrative Information (Prime Minister)

As a public servant, you have the opportunity to combine a micro-entrepreneur activity with your job. We explain the conditions that must be met.

As a public servant, you have the opportunity to exercise complementary activity as a micro-entrepreneur if you meet all of the following conditions:

  • You must be at part-time.
  • You must to seek authorization to your line manager before you start your business.
  • The activity you plan to pursue must not disturb the performance of your duties.
  • The activity must be carried out outside of your working hours.
  • Your activity should not be considered as a illegal taking of interest.


the authorization lasts 3 years and must be renewed 1 month before the end of the period. Renewal is given for 1 year after a new application for authorization.

The ancillary activities that you can practice as a micro-entrepreneur are:

  • Expertise and consultation
  • Education and training
  • Sport or cultural activity, including coaching and animation in sport, culture and popular education
  • Agricultural activity
  • Activity of collaborating spouse in an artisanal, commercial or liberal company
  • In-home help with a relative (parents, children, spouse...)
  • Childcare
  • Assistance to the elderly, disabled persons and persons in need of personal assistance at home or mobility assistance
  • Low-level work in individuals
  • Activity of general interest
  • Mission of public interest in international cooperation or with bodies of general international interest or a foreigner State
  • Sale of goods produced personally by the agent


to start your micro-entrepreneur business, you need to make a application for registration.

You will have to report your income on your annual tax return as follows:

  • Civil servant income, in category ‘wages and salaries’

As a micro-entrepreneur civil servant, you accumulate 2 company statutes. You contribute both as a civil servant (from your salary) and as a micro-entrepreneur (from your turnover).

On the other hand, your benefits are open in the the activity you carried on before the status rollup. Thus, if you are a civil servant and you start a micro-entrepreneur activity, the payment of your allowances will be made according to the general scheme of employees. But if you're a micro-entrepreneur and you become a public servant, it will be the social security scheme for self-employed persons which will apply.


You can opt for for the application of the other arrangements.

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